A Glimpse Into White Guilt: Baba Yetu

Today’s article is brought to you by Horace Greeley High School’s 2007 madrigal choir, performing the foreign mystical song, “Baba Yetu.” You may recognize this piece: it can be found on one of the Lion King movie soundtracks, as well as on the preview for Sid Meier’s Civilization 4.

We can excuse the choir’s poor modulation during the bridge, they’re young. Plus, the audience is being culturally enriched, and that’s totally the point here. In a school with an attendance averaging 85% white, one must ensure the education is well-rounded enough to deal with a diverse modern world.

…Except at the beginning of the video the announcer mentions there is no translation in the program.

Horace Greeley High is one of the top-flight educational centers in the country; don’t they expect the audience to be a tad more inquisitive about the origins and meaning behind this piece? The billboard chart radio announcer will give a little background on the artist and the work, and the only thing moving in those songs are some fake woman’s behind.

Personally, I don’t think the choir or their handler(s) were too busy to look up the translation and print a correction. I am pretty sure the reason why no translation was offered is as follows:

BabaThat Feel When the only way a Northeastern Brahmin can feel comfortable praising God is when it is dressed in pseudo-African cultural wrapping.