Libertarians, Women and Economic Illiteracy

This is a response to the butthurt that occurred after Northman’s recent article Women Should Hate Freedom.


In theory libertarianism is all about capitalism and the free market, both of which are dominated by white males. Men make more money than women. Women are terrible at economics and math. Despite much of society’s resources dedicated to the task of gender egalitarianism, women still fail at economics and math. This is an empirical fact. It has been shown that most women are unfamiliar with even the most basic economic concepts needed to make saving and investment decisions.

The majority of independently wealthy individuals are men and the best way for women to gain resources is to marry a richer man. Most women are terrible at making money and if they do manage to make money they fail to save it. Many secular libertarians oppose the institution of marriage as a matter of principle. In reality this effectively destroys women’s ability to gain wealth. In a secular libertarian world the average women would be relegated to a type of second class man because they cannot compete with men in the free market. The only chance women can have with libertarianism is to couple it with an Abrahamic cultural backdrop. The only reason the family as a concept has not completely fallen apart in the West is because of this religious underpinning. Women are extremely privileged in this current climate, but this could change for the worse if marriage is abolished or abandoned as a legitimate social institution.

Libertarianism is a white male ideology. Any libertarian with half a brain knows he will always be out-voted by the majority. This has lead some to consider leaving the state and forming their own countries. This has yielded some tragic but hilarious results. The demographic information on bitcoins is no surprise. 95% of bitcoin users are men; many are fedora wearing libertarians that have since become wealthy. Once again, news story after news story is about men who have become rich off bitcoin, while their wives or girlfriends are completely ignorant and even annoyed by their partner’s “silly geeky hobby.” This recent phenomenon shows once again, conclusively, that women have no mind for deeper technical or economic understanding.

There is no deep significance to the fact that libertarianism would end up being a raw deal for women. Most are at least somewhat aware of how bad it is. Libertarians as a political force are basically losers anyway, so nobody really cares about them or the 1% of the 1% of libertarians who happen to be female. Sadly, the minuscule percentage of women that are legitimately libertarians are still offended by the idea of ending female suffrage, even though this would actually benefit their own belief system. It is an empirical fact women vote for more government power.

There is, however, a deeper political significance for women with a high level of ignorance about basic economic facts participating in democracy. People generally do not care about technical details if it suits their moral purposes. For example, Democrats believe anyone who opposes the Affordable Care Act for any reason is morally reprehensible. Despite the Affordable Care Act being one of the biggest disasters in the history of the entire United States government, liberal women can still say with a straight-face that they don’t care about economics because they support the goal of universal healthcare at any cost.

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And why should they care about economics? It’s not like they have any ability to care.