The True Colors of Liberalism

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It’s almost poetic, the irony that surfaces when leftist narratives collide. Take race out the picture and suddenly the liberal feels free to criticize the welfare recipient as harshly and virulently as he/she/xi can, with impunity. Take race out of the equation, and suddenly the Southern states aren’t just poor, they’re lazy. They aren’t just a burden, they’re parasitic. The dirty South becomes a diseased limb of the nation that needs to be amputated. When race is taken out of the picture, suddenly welfare states are the tapeworms of the country, sucking the life out of the prim and proper (and mostly white) tax-paying “blue states” of America.

Beg for their secession  when you think they're white, pay them to stay when you think they're black.
Beg for their secession when you think they’re white, pay them to stay when you think they’re black.
And what hypocrites those southerners are! Opposing government handouts to the poor, when they themselves are getting more money from the government than they’re putting in! Why, oh why, would the people who see first-hand the outcome of subsidizing poverty be the same people who oppose it? It’s a damn mystery.

Let’s get real. The wealth-vacuums in the Southern states aren’t the same people who need to worry about sun-burns on the back of their necks. Of the $131.9 billion dollars the US government shells out in welfare annually (not even including food-stamps and unemployment, mind you), $52.76 billion goes to blacks. This means blacks, despite making up less than 13% of the population receive almost 40% of that annual welfare money. But why wouldn’t they go on welfare? When you’re an unskilled laborer welfare pays better than the jobs available to you in 35 states. You get what you pay for, and the more you pay for it, the more of it you get. You want more poor, unskilled laborers on welfare? Keep giving them handouts.

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“Look at all these poor blacks living in poverty. We need to increase welfare spending to ensure Laquisha can afford to feed her 11 kids now that all 12 of the fathers are in prison (damn you, racist legal-system!)”

“Look at these monstrous corporations! They pay so little that even welfare is a more lucrative option than working! Having a job is supposed to mean you don’t live in poverty! We need to fight for a higher minimum wage!”

Rinse and repeat for maximum-dildos.

Oh, and if anyone ever gives you shit over it:

“Look at these stupid white right-wingers. They complain about us supporting food-stamps and welfare for the poor, meanwhile every year their states are taking in more and more of it, at our expense! How do they deal with all the cognitive dissonance? Bunch of parasites…”


The same hypocrisy and willful ignorance is on display when it comes to the gun debate.

“Look at those barbaric trailer dwelling crackers! We need to take all those assault rifles they have been stockpiling in their fortified compounds away from them so they don’t kill their families, shoot up the schools, ruin healthcare and undermine Democracy.”

When you deliberately don’t take into account the facts concerning the demographics of violent crime in the US, it’s easy to just blithely insert your own prejudices and condemn a group of people with different cultural values.

Protip: It’s not rural, conservative whites that are responsible for the problem of violent crime in the US. Nor is violent crime necessarily related to poverty as most people assume.

How many times have you heard a Northern Yankee SWPL opine about the violent and gun-obsessed culture in the US while wishing we could be more like those oh-so enlightened Scandinavians? Why, in Iceland there is almost no violent crime at all. Gee, let’s see if we can come up with any significant differences between Iceland and the United States that could account for this…

“Sorry, I voted Democrat last election so I am just at a loss here. I only criticize bad behavior when it is correlated to groups I don’t like, even if I have to make that correlation up myself. The facts here make me kinda uncomfortable, so if you will excuse me I’m just gonna retreat back into my echo chamber where insane, white-supremacist, anti-government, right-wing extremists are responsible for all social ills. KTHXBIE.”