Portrait D'une Femme

WHOA, slow down with all the progress there, Katniss.
Today I am sharing with the class a perfect representation of the 19th Amendment and its modern result: banal statements plastered on the asses of motorized vehicles. I found this while parking at my local gym.

The owner of the Altima identifies herself as a fan of gnomes and a “storyteller.” Your mind and you are our Sargasso Sea, indeed.

The two remaining bumper stickers are totes more interesting to me.

“Proud Parent Of An Adult With Asperger’s”

Genetics dealt your child a bad hand; why do you want to tie an albatross around his/her neck?

To begin with, a disability is not something to be proud of. Especially when you consider that, being an adult, the person has hopefully done something with his/her life.

What you should be proud of is what your child has accomplished in spite of his/her disability. “In spite of” usually means you don’t make that thing a part of the person’s identity. The disability is supposed to be sublimated into something meaningful: like children, a job, etc.

As an aside: you would think the anti-racist narrative about words being “dehumanizing” would have an impact on the voting bloc most concerned with such things.

While altruistic liberals of ages past may have set the bar low, they at least sought forward motion, some effort and results on the part of those they pandered to. There was a helping hand, but also a push to dust yourself off and keep trying after falling. Today, liberals are about assistance without question or expectation. This is what leads to people being more proud of their child’s Asperger’s than the life they have lived. Modern Liberalism is about valuing humans not by their works or potential, but by how broken and pathetic they are. It’s not about fixing a problem as much as having a problem in the first place.

The modern liberal narrative has removed works in favor of faith alone… Which is doubly-fucked when you realize that liberalism has no faith in humanity or God in the first place.

This secular reformation’s approach to altruism as a result becomes the furthest thing from altruistic or progressive: liberalism today is less about empowerment and growth, more about welfare and sickness. If anything, the statement on this bumper sticker undermines any potential or humanity the adult child may have had.

The child is seen as less of a person to the mother, more of a word, a bumper sticker, a trophy. I can guarantee this woman would have been just as proud of her abortion.

…Which I suppose is something resembling “equality.”

“Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”

What comes first: the historical figure or the bumper sticker?

Last I checked, historical figures are trend-setters, not trend-followers. A bumper sticker is a means of identifying yourself as being a part of something, it marks one as a member of a herd.

Fact is, if your individuality can be adequately conveyed in a mass-produced object and statement, chances are you’re not making the history books. Sorry not really.

The closest you will likely get to historical relevance are those stupid selfies with the notebook protest letters. “I’m a historical figure because I conform to degenerate social norms!”Gag.

A better version of this bumper sticker would read thus: poorly-behaved women vote Democrat.

…In fact she should remove all these stickers and just carve CROATOAN on the back. That would perfectly convey the message.