The Debt Ceiling "Debate"

Boorish individuality is only for those that suck dick.
Silly Elephant: boorish individuality is for those that suck dick!
Today’s topic comes from Addictinginfo: “You Might Be A Fascist If…”

Oh boy.

Mr. Foster indeed goes to exhausting lengths to find the Nazi hiding under every nook and cranny of the Republican “narrative.”

Those evil conservatives are impeding our open dialogue and democratic freedoms with ideas I don’t want to hear!

(Nitpicking Sidebar: Mr. Foster failed to do his research on his meme. Sinclair Lewis was born in 1885. BTW, Bulbasaur highly-recommends “It Can’t Happen Here.” Lee Sarason’s turn to occupy the White House is close at hand.)

Those influenced by the TRS narrative will notice that most of Foster’s “fascist list” more accurately describes the leftist; where it doesn’t, neither does it accurately portray a teabagger.

Hell, if the Republican Party seriously held to even one stance the liberals project, I wouldn’t be stumping for Elizabeth Warren.

I sincerely hope you can.

Whether it comes via MSNBC, degenerate blogs, or the political training wheels of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, the projection is the same. Fact is, leftists don’t criticize actual Republican stances, and I would be surprised if a liberal could objectively describe a single plank of Republican strategy or ideology.

This debt ceiling/government shutdown/obongocare debate, like all debates in recent memory, has nothing whatsoever to do with Republicans. The Democrats are arguing with themselves, the Republicans provide background noise… As well as distractions for a mass of informed idiots.

This Addictinginfo article is but a microcosm of the liberal mind, a mind that is utterly incapable of seeing outside of itself… That is, a conservative mind disguised as a revolutionary one.

The modern “right wing” exists to take the blame for the endless failings of the left. The liberal’s criticisms are criticisms of Liberalism itself. Understanding this fact is to understand why the Republicans always happen to find themselves in between the liberal and the mirror. It’s not a coincidence, it is a deliberate design. The deep, dark, sick secret of the whole thing is that Republicans are what keep the left sane.

Which is why I am ultimately pleased that the Republicans have finally chosen to actually resist progress.

Perhaps this will be the catalyst for a reaction from an ever-more petulant, ignorant, and spoiled mass. Perhaps the left will finally succeed in permanently marginalizing the “right” in America. Then the fun really begins.

We still have more “progress” to endure before humanity can begin moving forward. Thankfully, I now see signs that such an end to the dildocracy is in sight. Perhaps I will live to write the history of this dying era.