Africa: Cartography And Reality

Oh boy.

wasteAfrica: Encompasses all of the countries pictured above, including the entire continent of Europe.  This landmass is the home of a little over 14% of the human population on the planet.

The African continent accounts for less than 3% of the world’s GDP. Those countries that make the greatest contribution to this number are either Muslim, have a significant number of Whites, or in the case of Nigeria have oil or a similarly-valuable resource…  That’s exploited by non-Africans.

You remove the Muslim nations and South Africa from the equation and you barely have a percent of world GDP.

This, despite untold billions in foreign aid.

The population of Africa is likely to double within a generation. The region is witnessing a major increase in its share of young people and with a median age of 19, Africa is the world’s “youngest” region.

Until the arrival of Europeans there was no literate civilization in sub-Saharan Africa. There was no written language, no numerals, no calendar, no system of measurement. The wheel or plow was never developed, neither was an animal domesticated. With the rarest exceptions, nothing more elaborate than mud huts and thatched stockades were built.

The extreme cruelty of the black African to his own kind and others have been commented upon and recorded numerous times.

Liberals are excited about the future of Africa. Oh the places you will go, oh the people you will see.

TRS notices the tire and gasoline in the billboard below.


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