Institutional Suicide

The rise in bad philosophy, unstable political structures and dying institutions are all directly correlated with the over-education of the masses. Simply put, literacy isn’t necessarily a good thing. Wisdom is power and power should be centralized in order to maintain authority. People who research consciously or unconsciously are looking for wisdom against their masters. Things like the Reformation, The French Revolution, the disgraces of Communism, the rise in secular liberalism, and our modern inability to mature can all be attributed to our over-emphasis on literacy.

Education is a good thing, in fact it’s a blessing that Mankind can exercise his agency in a such a manner. However a blessing is a matter of quality and not quantity. Teaching stupid people to read will only give them the “revelation” that they can and should break free from their chains. This overloads the formal institutions that seek to serve and/or regulate the masses, oftentimes to the point that the institutions bring themselves to destruction. This can be seen with industry, government, and social institutions like marriage.

The very idea of preventing the next generation from becoming too literate seems ingrained in modern thought as a “human rights” violation. The institution of education is currently used to indoctrinate the young into rising against their divine masters while foolishly obliging the most profane of the elite in the most docile fashion. In Kindergarten we learn to associate in the most egalitarian fashion with no semblance of privilege. In high school we still have an ounce of hope even as we’ve rejected the lesser divine (patriarchy and our national identity). But when we head into the university we learn to reject the higher divine. We become the most individualistic (atomized) of thinkers (gamers).

Degeneracy is used to describe those who fail to showcase proper agency, whilst malice is used to describe those who showcase agency only to fall short from the grace of the divine. Leftism, accommodating degeneracy and malice in the name of equality, commits the original sin at an exponential rate, hurtling all of mankind towards a state of doom. Thankfully some do possess the intelligence to find education outside of their indoctrinating institutions (Institutions that intend to destroy themselves with the knowledge that they present). These are the people that possess the knowledge to understand that having a master and a slave is a good thing. They are also the kind of people that could potentially be the catalyst for a new narrative, or the revitalization of the old one.

Tradition and progress aren’t antithetical. Think of them as forces like the Ying and Yang, one balances out the other. There are various directions that can and do work for a better political narrative, one must simply erase the false belief that they’re better off dead than enslaved. Such a notion is only fitting for a civilization under a suicidal narrative. Institutional suicide will only mean systematic atomization in the long run, and extinction/absorption in another.