An Abomination We Can Believe In

Today’s subject comes from Upworthy:

Bill has apparently experienced some oppression by uneducated and insensitive people who question his “gay credentials” because he dates transexual men. That is, women who decided to wear tank-tops and badly-imitate a countertenor.

Being a creative soul, Billbo creates a comic that is meant to illustrate his struggle with a society that struggles to accommodate his deviancy. What results is a unique combination of boring, hypocritical, and disgusting.


Apparently, Bill is so gay that he can make vaginal penetration faggoty. How dare the sexual orientation police attempt to take away his gold star!

Wait, gold star? I can now consider myself educated: there actually exists gold star faggotry.


…Apparently there also exists a platinum status for males who were C-sectioned and never breastfed. Funny how these alphabet soup freakos (LGBTQQLXY…) seek to create their own hierarchies while simultaneously damning society for not being more equal.

Billbo’s efforts to make his sexual deviancy an identity of course leads to deviant and bizarre conclusions (see above). For Bill the Fag to argue that he remains “pure” gay because the owner of the vagina he penetrates wears flannel is like a murderer saying he is not guilty because he calls himself a pacifist.

It’s also funny that Billbo can’t remove the beam from his own eye when criticizing normal humans.


Though to be fair, we really can’t expect much in terms of consistency when dealing with the unnatural results of a society “normalizing” biological mutation and cultural degradation.

Sites like Upworthy and brave psychopaths like Bill are the result of modern left-progressivism, a revolutionary ideology with nothing to revolt against. With nothing left to do but self-destruct in debauchery, they distract themselves with ridiculous games of one-upmanship. Equality today is quibbling about definitions.

Bill is a deeply disturbed and narcissistic man that is aroused by broken freaks. Upworthy expects you to think that’s super-duper brave. Because progress involves fucking a subhuman. Because it’s an abomination we can believe in.

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