The Passion of George Zimmerman

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
Shellie Zimmerman has dropped her charges against estranged husband and media darling George Zimmerman. It also turns out that local police have found no evidence of a gun, or confirmation of an assault on either Shellie or her father. Yeah, oops.

This, from the same woman whose recent divorce petition includes George paying for a permanent life insurance policy with herself named as its beneficiary. I gotta admit, that’s a new low for wimminz: Be a dear and pay into your own bounty until someone finally collects it for me.

Then again, this is also the same woman who last month plead guilty to lying to a judge about having no money when they had received over $130,000 in donations. Stupid and evil are a bad combination.

Of course, many out there believe Shellie’s actions are peripheral to the real story. Indeed, focusing on how horrible of a human Shellie Zimmerman is only serves to take away from how horrible of a human George Zimmerman should be.

(Trigger Warning: Liberalism)

Comments from: Politicususa
Wesley Morganston at Theden characterizes the ridiculous nature of this whole affair well. Despite over a year-and-a-half of media sensationalism and outright defamation, a betraying and money-grubbing wife, and countless death threats… including Trayvon’s death threat that started everything, George Zimmerman continues to be a citizen in good standing. There is nothing on his record besides a few speeding tickets.

This has not stopped the national witch hunt. Of course. The American mass media continues to operate in bad will, cultivating outright hatred for ratings, damn the consequences to the individual and to society.

Ultimately, the real story continues to be the population’s blatant dissonance. With George Zimmerman the citizenry are being denied democratic (mob) justice against a man who has committed an unforgivable sin: that of being a better man than them.

Surviving an attack on his life is one thing, surviving the magical accusation of racism is another thing entirely. Worse still, are his actions after the fact. For Zimmerman to do all of these things, to receive all of this negative attention, and not act like Miley Cyrus? To continue trying to live his own life? Blasphemy.

With his acquittal, George Zimmerman fundamentally challenged the ideology. Every day Zimmerman isn’t brought to “justice” is another day reality stands its ground against the modern West. Therefore rage.

On the bright side, this continued media barrage only serves to solidify a base who see the ridiculousness, the underlying animalism propelling this narrative.

The more the media tries to make Zimmerman suffer, the more they keep this memory fresh, the more they take away from the tragedy of a life lost and a life destroyed to build a false idol.

..And the more they build up this false idol, the more they set it to be knocked down.
Because what they have done is made a kitsch martyr out of ghetto trash. What they continue to do is reinforce the fact that, as of yet, they are simply unable to flim flam the Zim Zam.