Political Overreaction

Political reactionaries tend to have a set time preference for a culture they’d prefer. The common joke is that someone is stuck in the 1950’s. This is a statement that Barack Obama made to Mitt Romney during one of their debates. Many reactionaries would rather move back socially even further than that. A problem does form when political and cultural reaction goes too far, ultimately acting against the traditionalism that most good reactionaries prefer. I’ll call this political overreaction.

Now that’s what I call EDGY.
A common result of political overreaction is the rejection of Christianity. At one point Christianity didn’t exist, which may please those who haven’t reacted well to the “Slave Morality” present within it. The religion itself acted as a glue which united all of Europe, and helped the White Race dominate half of the globe. These are the kind of people that like to hold on to the soul of the West, without holding on to any of its traditions.

Some Reactionaries don’t take well to the Roman sympathies within our culture to this day. The “dead” language of Latin still prevails to this day within our legal system, scientific analysis, mathematics, and theological discussions. The gradual removal of Latin within our educational is a telling sign of our dying aristocracy.

Political reaction without grounds in Traditionalism gives way to further deconstructionism and image vanity. We all know of that one person that saw “Mad Men” and wished to go back to the 1960’s. In fact Hollywood is starting to romanticize any time period before the 21st century simply because the characters held on to more “outdated” principles. I highly doubt the movie Dark Shadows would have been as interesting if not for Barnabas Collin’s sexism.

Even the manosphere can channel some reactionary principles, until it becomes too traditional and starts taking out the chains again. Enjoying the decline isn’t a traditionalist sentiment, nor is it a call for any true political reaction. While men of the past had the drive to engage in hedonistic pursuits, they still stuck on to their explicit hierarchies.

Ragnar Redbeard was the pseudonym of a satirical writer who is still being taken seriously to this day. His principle that “Might Makes Right” still holds true in regards to any political principle and the game of life, yet is constantly applied to the most individualistic, deconstructed, and atomized systems. Even the most slavish systems of the day, the morrow, and the over-morrow can still overpower any aristocratic or individualistic system in history. In a world without an explicit hierarchy, if I want something from you, and you can’t do anything to stop me from taking it, then it’s mine. That world isn’t this one. By our traditions and our structure there’s always going to be a force strong enough to stop you from doing as you please. Ragnar’s worldview is an overreaction to civilization itself.

The postmodern system we have today is merely a headless version of the traditional system we’ve had as a civilization for thousands of years. Political reaction is a very good thing, however it’s only good as a means of reconstructing civilizational traditionalism, not as a means of deconstructing these traditions to return to an even lesser state. Everyone wants principle, regardless of their mental state. A return to principles is the most appealing thing on everyone’s mind consciously or unconsciously. All we have to do is react with the intent to bring about the most essential traditions, rather than the most shallow principles.