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Made $10.94 paycheck, still has a home, clean clothes, and chubby cheeks.
Made $10.94 paycheck.
Still has a home, clean clothes, and chubby cheeks.

The picture above comes from Facebook group “US Uncut,” part of the post-Occupy drive by White people to feel oppressed for/by something.

Of course, as actual oppression is hard to come by for a racial demographic with their inescapable privilege and agency, Whites must instead rely upon the oppression of others to achieve their desires (do you see?).

Enter the Sad Negro.


First: LOL @ this dazzling urbanite being named fucking “Beijing.”  I’m sure it is pronounced using that disgraceful, barbarous “dialect” so typical of the urban demographic.

Also, officially added to my bucket list: find a Chinese man with two bastard kids working part-time at Arby’s named “Trayvon.”

Second: “father of two.” I’d also be willing to bet that, considering the amount taken from his check, they are from two different babymommas.

Third: “child support.”

The following comes courtesy of TRS’s legal department (seriously exists). (link)

(1) Determining child support using the percentage standard. The court shall determine a parent’s monthly income available for child support by adding together the parent’s annual gross income, the parent’s annual income imputed based on earning capacity; and the parent’s annual income imputed from assets, and dividing that total by 12.Except as provided in s. DCF 150.04 (4) and (5), the percentage of the parent’s monthly income available for child support or adjusted monthly income available for child support that constitutes the child support obligation shall be:
(a) 17% for one child;
(b) 25% for 2 children;
(c) 29% for 3 children;
(d) 31% for 4 children; and
(e) 34% for 5 or more children.

So best case scenario is he wasn’t behind at all and his check would’ve been for $68.76, but beyond 12 weeks delinquent (under WI statue) the garnishment rate may cap at 65%, in addition to court costs incurred by the custodial parent in seeking the court ordered support writ.

So we can conclude that Beijing (ROFL, seriously?) was WAY behind, didn’t give enough of a shit to take care of his kids, so the state forced him to. I guess we should all be proud of him that he didn’t just quit and go on welfare and tell the kids to go fuck themselves and starve.

But still, the details aren’t important to the lefty activists who never seem to see them as material to the issue.

Now to be fair, this point was also brought up on the US Uncut picture:
raciss…And to be fair, the response was expected.

Conclusion: In US Uncut’s meme, we find ourselves presented with the culmination of liberal thought, a culmination that leftists continually try to reinvent, to avoid.

Beijing, instead of being chastised for his poor life choices, instead of being held to a human standard, instead of being seen as a human, is made into an object. This object (Sad Negro™) is then projected upon by hysterical, over-educated, and overindulged Whites as a representation of society’s failure to accommodate their misplaced desires and inverted values.

This kind of behavior is typical of people who have killed God and accepted the gospel of selfish childhood (aka liberalism). It also says a lot about the modern world that we mistake such monstrous thinking for kindness.

Oh, and TFW you realize that calling Beijing a “nigger” is to treat him with more humanity than any White leftist.

US Uncut tries to weave racism into their narrative, only to accidentally achieve the culmination of their antisocial ideology.

[![Dance for the goyim, Beijing.](](
Dance for the goyim, Beijing.