Your Daughter Is Miley Cyrus

Have you ever had a childhood crush? Maybe you have one now. Maybe she is a secret crush, so you wait, in the depths of Facebook, until you can comment on one of her mundane status updates and win a whisper of approval. But there is a flaw in your plan and that flaw is the mixture between female psychology and nigger technology.

Things were going so well. You thought you might actually talk to her in a day or two, or a week or so… But then it happens. After refreshing Facebook for the hundredth time you find that your sweetheart isn’t so sweet after all. You see that she has posted an image of herself holding a large bottle of alcohol labeled “black cock” up to her mouth for a sweet sip of lost inhibitions.

At this point you begin to see the apple of your eye as rotten to the core. If you do not immediately chastise her, but instead swallow your pride and accept her actions, then you had better prepare your rear to accept a whole lot more. Your sensibilities are going to be raped again and again. Maybe the above story didn’t happen in the same exact way to you. It happened that way to one person I know. I’m sure that something similar has occurred to you whether you think it has or not. I don’t need to show you every single example of modern culture being consumed by –and then consuming– females, but I will offer picture here, a video there… If you have a pulse then you should already be aware that your daughters are posting videos of themselves on the internet showing how well they can be assimilated into black culture. The current climate is basic acceptance of aggressive promiscuity and lewdness. It is acceptance black culture. With the internet females can easily advertise their sexual favors and get instant gratification through technology. If you care for your family then you will carefully analyze the following. If you are a modern feminist, then look at what is happening to your daughters: Your sister feminists, the old sex negative kind, might have a point. Look how much agency the black females in the video have. They have just enough agency to dance for men and chant about how well they can please men. Now maybe, you subconsciously think that only silly blacks would be doing something like this and that this song and dance is not bad content at all. After all blacks are exempt from any critique because they are sacred and black culture is hallowed. When was the last time you saw a feminist critique of an obviously anti-female black music video? Never. What happens when one of the objects of your worship, black culture, actually rubs off on your daughters? The following occurs: Look at the mindless fun your daughters are being encouraged to have! Do their antics really show their agency or just the female propensity to stoop to the lowest cultural level for validation? If you are a man, then you must also understand what is happening to your daughters: Look at your daughters, dancing in a distinctively black way, for the enjoyment of young black men. When you let your daughters become assimilated into modern culture the end result, every time, will be those daughters shaking their rear for the sexual pleasure of some stupid male. First you send your daughters to public school where they get introduced to a bunch of dumb males raised by terrible people. Then they hear a few raunchy songs on the radio, they see a few sleazy music videos on television, they finish their training at sex camps colleges where they learn how to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, and finally they end up at a club twerking with the hopes that a dumb strong man will grab their butt. Perhaps at this point you understand the reality of what is happening, but are unwilling to protect your daughter for the sake of granting her agency. If this is the case then understand that you are allowing your daughter enough agency to be impregnated by a black and be taken care of by the state. You are not allowing her the agency it takes to be a good person. If you don’t deny your daughter’s agency, then someone else will. Men, you also must take action if you wish to respect yourself or your sons. I now present the final video that I have to share. A video of two families, damaged beyond repair, where a son and daughter have clearly embraced modern culture: Look at the father as he shields and protects his son from the viciously caustic female that is coming their way. The father should be applauded for at least knowing that something very wrong is happening, but the whole group should be shunned for reducing their family to vulgarity and allowing themselves to be subjected to such a song and dance. Is this the kind of family you want? At this point you must realize that the female which you had a crush on was nothing to be desired at all. The average female is happy to post a lewd image of herself on the internet and is happy to show potential mates how well she can hold her “black cock” labeled bottle of liquor. I can understand that you may want to enjoy the decline, but don’t be surprised if you end up married to a female with the propensity to dance to the song “crazy bitch” or the propensity to file a false rape allegation after the honeymoon. Don’t be surprised when your son becomes a shell of a human being due to the inevitable soul sucking relationship with the females that he will end up with. The best way to help your family, especially your daughters, is to not allow them to be devoured by modern culture. If it wasn’t already clear enough from the anecdotes and videos I have provided that the first shibboleth of modern culture that should be dissipated is the appropriation and worship of blackness, then maybe the last few pictures I have to share will convince you.
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Drake Is Pleased By This Performance
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