Your Country On...

Art by Steve GREENBERG. Of course.
Q: Why are the liquor store, projects, and quickie loans on the Republican side?
A: The negroes can’t afford to live in the white Democrat side. LOL when you realize that the Democrats achieve what white racial separatists desire, and with efficient cars to boot!

One criticism: they should have the “family planning” center on the right side of the picture, seeing as it’s primarily the “urban demographic” whose babies we exterminate.

Also funny is to note what diversions the left side of the picture use in place of worship.

Lol at the temperature differences. No idea why the guy is being electrified.

I’ve read a couple of bloggers and commenters who have mused that without the exploitation on the right, the left wouldn’t exist.  Which is both true and amusing. If you know these two sides must co-exist, what do you think the “conflict” between the two really accomplishes?

The leftfag will continue cycling down Dildo Avenue, and the righttards will continue holding their tongue while they share living space with the lumpenprole. You can always read Rand and Rawls to sharpen your debates with each other. That’ll make you feel better.

This is a visual depiction of how our system wins.