Don’t get me wrong, I detest nanny-statism with every fiber of my being. The modern statist is the consequence of post enlightenment ideals. After all government (not the same thing as The State) that serves the people can only corrode the people. With that being said, Anti-Statists are in the wrong about a very useful institution.

If governments are institutions that possess the chains for the masses, The State possesses the whips for the masses. Violence isn’t a necessary evil, nor is it a malleable accident. It’s a neutral force that only has moral substance in what it’s being used for. The same goes for The State. Statism is an excellent device not only for defensive purposes, but also for ambitious ones. It’s about time we start seeing The West return to its imperial passions instead of this globalist, egalitarian knock-off.

That passion still remains, as we use the iron hands of The State to destroy our own wealth. Unfortunately, this only compels those that remain faithful to the spirit of The West to fantasize of The Happening, NWO Martial Law, Armageddon, A race war, A failed economic state, even a zombie apocalypse. That’s the new Western fantasy. When the iron hands of violence (The State) aren’t appropriated for good, the good will want it gone.

In my previous post “Nerdism and Property” I revealed my thoughts on NAP, Prime-Directive, and Formalistic jargon. I neglected to tackle the White Nationalist motto of “Whites for white nations, Blacks for Black Nations, and Asians for Asian Nations.” While I still have my nationalistic sympathies, all these principles unrealistically neglect that might makes right. No, the U.S. making Somalia its colony isn’t advantageous or intelligent, but there are places that I can think of that are.