Missing The Point

det1“Poor as hell.

Wasssup with all these cities being poor and looking like warzones?” –MMG

det2“I laugh when people say how rich and wealthy this country is. Most of the U.S. looks like a 3rd world country.” –finnns2003

“Judging by the rest of Detroit I thought those pics looked pretty normal.” –PowerBallin

det3“Why is Detroit in such bad shape?” –NationalTruckerDave

“The statistics of murder rate, illiteracy, abandoned buildings are scary. Clearly neglect led this city to this, but why?” –WhatCanISay


nikeLink:“Before and After Photos Of An Abandoned School,” Niketalk forums

In this thread, you will of course find the typical narrative about the “man” (white man) abandoning his duties, selfishly leaving the citizenry (the Negroes) of Detroit to their fate.

smartThat the Negro is apparently helpless to change their lot in life on their own is waved off. As usual. That feel when the right-winger can never be as racist as the mainstream narrative. :'(

My readers should take note of the advertisements. In case you were wondering, a pair of the “Lebron X Lo” sneakers has an asking retail price of $165.

Imagine what the Negro in Detroit could do with his money, for his neighborhood, were he not more interested in some gaudy, Chinese-made foot wrappings. Imagine what Western civilization will do when they realize that modern man cares more about sneakers than their society?

Y it b so cold n da D, doe? #SMDH
Y it b so cold n da D, doe? #SMDH
The posters in this forum assert the typical leftist fantasies while being surrounded by the gaudy reality of their ideology.

It’s honestly insulting, if you consider it. Here we find people feigning to give a damn about their fellow man… On a forum dedicated to overpriced fucking sneakers.

These posters don’t realize that the poor they shed crocodile tears over are just as guilty as the wealthy they condemn. Western man, rich and poor alike, sold his cities, his culture, his families, his very soul, and for what? Some clothes.

Truly, the quintessence of “post-scarcity” is the projection of inferior men within their decaying civilization.