Anti-Racism: It's a White Thing

white-anti-racismIt has long been a common trope (or troll?) among the more simple-minded on the right — be they conservatives, libertarians or even White Nationalists — to critique the institution of Black History Month by asking “Why can’t we have a White History Month?” Many ask a similar question as to why white college students cannot form a club for themselves analogous to the various student organizations dedicated to blacks and other minorities on campus. Recently some more ambitious white youth have taken the step to start such organizations and have been met with nothing but vitriol. The worst of it inevitably coming from other white students.

The answer from the left (again usually from white leftists) is always the same. “All eleven other months are already White History Month!” or “All of society is a club for whites!” The knee-jerk response is usually to call this out as a hypocritical evasion and rationalization of an obvious double standard. This only works if we take the leftist narrative of racial equality seriously. I do not take it seriously, so I think these responses are somewhat justified. In fact all twelve months are White History Month, just as they should be in a majority white, Western nation. Not only are whites the majority race and dominant culture, but Black History Month makes no sense outside of the context of White History. In fact it barely even exists, no matter what Reverend Al has to say about it.

The most amusing thing about this white cultural dominance is that it extends even into the territory of left-wing anti-racist activism and ethnic studies. Despite themselves those that inhabit this academic and activist milieu have managed to make their entire movement about white people. Ethnic (non-white) studies used to be a popular major for the aspiring Social Justice Warrior (SJW), but more recently the focus in academia has shifted to the field of “Whiteness Studies.”

These days the SJW community find themselves talking far more about white people than black people. In the realm of anti-racist activism the conversation has been entirely overtaken by a discussion of white privilege, white people and how they should or should not act towards people of color (POCs). As noted here by our good friend Bulbasaur, even the relatively few black academics have rushed to jump back onto this plantation. Dr. Barnor Hesse, while nominally a Professor of African-American Studies, spends most of his time discussing whites.Anti-Racism flyer-1libraryA one-time favorite site of mine called People of Color Organize illustrates this point rather hilariously. (The site has unfortunately recently been taken down, and now redirects to a rather typical and bland radical leftist site, hence the use of the Wayback Machine.) The content on the site is primarily concerned not with critiques of overt white racism, but with critiques of white anti-racists themselves! The most popular and most discussed content on the site is alwaysabout white people. Usually the discussion is anti-racist whites objecting to critiques of themselves on the site written by other anti-racist whites. This became so embarrassing the editor (presumably a POC, but honestly, you never know) was compelled to lash out in in frustration:

“We here at this site have been producing very valuable and insightful information about Africans, Mexicans, Indigenous, and other colonized people for well over a year now. Well what do you know, a post that made white people feel ‘uncomfortable’ elicited the most responses.  That just tells me, we are hitting the wrong demographic, so I want to rectify that. If you feel the need to tell us, the ‘Dark Hordes’, how your little feelings got hurt, then take your ass away from our site and develop you own called ‘’!!!”

Nothing I write could make the point more eloquently than the above. With very few exceptions, anti-racism is a white thing. Social activism is a white thing. Despite all the leftist hand wringing and attempts at inclusiveness and outreach, any social activist movement, no matter what the cause, is going to be primarily composed of upper and upper-middle class whites and contain only a few token minoritiesat best. This is pretty much an ironclad rule at this point.

But why is this so? It is because social activism is the work of weaving narrative. It is not about direct action. What leftists call “direct action” is performance art. It is meaningless if not done for the TV cameras. It makes no immediate difference and poses no immediate threat to any power structure. The purpose of social activism is not to effect immediate change. It never does that. The purpose is to shift the fundamental narratives of the society and alter social consciousness. This is not the work of the oppressed classes. This is the work of the storyteller or Brahmin class, and in our society this means upper and upper-middle class liberal whites. It is the people drawn from this class that have the agency and creativity to develop new narratives and attempt to shift social life in that direction.

Unfortunately the present day Brahmin class has turned its back on what should be their natural constituency. The functional, productive, family-centered, K-selected, Christian, white middle ground that must form the bedrock of any Western nation (the Vaisya class by the new ethnography) is actively being attacked by a disconnected Brahmin elite that increasingly hates them. Whites are cast as the villains of the social narrative rather than the heroes. They are taught to hate themselves and feel guilt for their privilege rather than pride in the accomplishments of their culture and ancestors. The music industry in particular is filled with images and songs by degenerate POCs glorifying their decadent and hedonistic lifestyles along with white “artists” aping their behaviors and mannerisms.

This is the narrative that we must combat. Anti-racism is a trivial cause. Racism is hardly a problem in present day Western society. The remaining gaps we see between whites and blacks are the result of natural inclinations and abilities and can never be corrected for. It is pointless for whites to further attack themselves and their society in a misguided attempt to create equality simply because these differences make them feel bad. It is time to take this tired old leftist narrative that has been recycled and regurgitated ad infinitum since the 1960s, deconstruct it, and replace it with something new. This society does belong to white people, and that’s a good thing. The more the left tries to change that, the more they affirm it.

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