Uncle Tom's Classroom

SlaveFunny story: Reading this picture, I initially pictured Professor Hesse as a Jew or a White… Until I googled and, lo’ and behold, found the truth hidden in the linguistic woodpile.

Perusing Hesse’s page, glancing at the institution that awarded his PhD brought me to the amusing and completely mundane observation that the White society this man seems to work so hard to tear down has gone well out of its way to give him the opportunity to do so.

I admit I was initially inclined to call the professor ungrateful. However, as a White Man I quickly checked my privilege. I am well aware that my society has prepared and even incentivized Hesse to be where he is and do what he does. This is part and parcel for maintaining a stable society both for and despite the others inhabiting it.

I recognize that my fellow man, in a moment of ignorance or weakness, may respond to the picture above with offense. As I myself admitted above, Hesse’s prose could indeed be interpreted as inflammatory to those who are not properly prepared. Perhaps a few may go so far as to refer to Hesse by a racial epithet (after first checking to see if the coast is clear).

To those who would consider such imprudence, I would humbly request they instead act with the circumspection expected of their station. For you see, such words would not only smack of calumny, but would give prof. Hesse entirely too much agency. While we do indulge in moments of fancy at TRS, we must always remain grounded in reality.

And the fact of the matter is, Prof. Hesse has done nothing to deserve a single impolite word at this point. He has done and continues to do exactly what was expected of him. Far from condemnation, he deserves our praise.

While I recognize that this may be a hard pill for my fellow man to swallow at first, I would argue that this is as God intended it. Hesse’s work is something that simply cannot be properly interpreted through our lens of privilege. See: those bell curves I mentioned earlier.

To have achieved his current station in life, it is obvious the professor was bought and sold into our society long ago. It is also equally obvious that Hesse has happily sold himself to the society in return. Barnor brightly-reflects the current Western values, and champions the current White cause with both zeal and zest. Far from being a threat, Hesse continues to be our willing and capable assistant.

Understanding this, we shouldn’t mistake Hesse’s work as being anything more than his honest efforts to be a good servant for our society.


Where our current “regime of whiteness” has failed is in misunderstanding the proper application of technology. Time and again we are shown that objects and comfort do nothing to fundamentally change the humans and humanoids using them. Cabins became classrooms, Uncle Tom stayed the same.

We simply cannot expect equal results with unequal actors, and it is but a matter of time before the public will grow weary of the current system’s unpredictable and largely-deleterious results.

We at TRS argue that, if applied to preceding and more realistic social paradigms, technology stands ready to finally achieve that “progress” which continues to elude the Blue Donkeys.

All one has to do is understand how close even our improperly-utilized system of today comes to creating a realistic and sustainable hierarchy.

Despite years of postmodern ravaging, Professor Hesse knows his place, and does his level best to keep the plantation going.