Regarding Individualism

If the preservation of the collective is the ultimate goal of The Right; The degeneration of the individual is the goal of The Left. Feminists channel individualism when they say that they shouldn’t have to live under the rules of Patriarchy for the sake of others, whilst those who call themselves “Child-Free” say they shouldn’t have to produce/raise kids for the sake of others. This desire for independence, almost always leads to totality.


Individualism quite frankly cannot be a functional principle for any civilization. Civilizations requires a stoic sacrifice for the greater good. Monogamy is a great example of this, after all most people at one point in their lives thought that monogamy was a scam. Why have a long term, conflicting relationship exclusively with one person, when you can have multiple, no-string relationships? Isn’t that the dream of every aspiring PUA? Why make the sacrifice of being with one person, if it means you’re going to live a boring life full of nagging and an aging woman, when you could be living the rock star lifestyle?

The problem is that it can never be enough. No matter how often, or well you get laid, if you’re just fulfilling an id goal, then the action can only become more meaningless the next time. If I listen to a song I love 50 times straight it can no longer be as entertaining. At that point I’ll just lust for an even more entrancing/enticing song. Man wasn’t made simply to pursue his pleasures until the day he dies. Man was given a super-ego so that he could fulfill a higher calling. This means embracing authority, but this also means looking out for everybody else. This means looking out for your family, nation, etc even if it means that you don’t spend your thirties getting drunk.

Let’s take two different people who hold on to identical views, yet hold them on different perspectives. One person is a Celibate monk, whilst the other person is “Child Free.” The monk is disciplining himself by not engaging in sex because he’s attempting to transcend past selfish desires, along with the misery that comes with it; The “Child Free” individual is just trying to express his individual choice not to orgasm for anything, nor anyone. Which person seems more concerned with the well-being of everybody else? I’m sure you’ll find the answer relatively easy. Neither one of them are planning on having children, but the reasons behind this are completely different.

At this point Individualism splits into several different things. It becomes egalitarian in the sense that once you start denying authority to a higher cause, you start embracing totality with a lesser cause. Individualism also becomes materialistic, because once your concern with your desires surpasses your concern with everyone’s well being, people become ids in-and-of themselves. This is why Neo-liberals and classical liberals (Libertarians), are both overly concerned with resources and how people start accepting them. I’ll give credit to the libertarians in the sense that they value hard work as a virtue, and are less egalitarian to a marginal degree, but they were always one step behind in the natural progression.