Catch-22: Why White Men Will Always Be Enemies of Feminists and Egalitarians

a problematic situation for which the only solution is denied by a circumstance inherent in the problem or by a rule
an illogical, unreasonable, or senseless situation
a measure or policy whose effect is the opposite of what was intended
a situation presenting two equally undesirable alternatives
a hidden difficulty or means of entrapment
For quite a while I have understood that feminists can’t ever be made happy. Broadly, egalitarians that use the terms “white male” and “x-privilege” can’t be made happy. Feminists are one specific caste of egalitarians, but all sects of egalitarianism put white people — specifically white men — into a Catch-22 situation where they are damned to hellfire regardless of their actions or intentions.

Before giving examples of the Catch-22 there are a few principles to understand about human and female reasoning.

  1. People naturally want to argue and disagree. Disagreeing is easy. When we are dealing with female psychology and self-serving biases it is easy to see that the first thing someone will do is disagree with anyone that they perceive to be wrong, their enemy, quarrelsome or not serious. This is why one pickup tactic is to ask an individual when they are getting married to their current mate. Asking this question almost always elicits an argumentative response such as “We aren’t getting married!” and causes the subject to suffer cognitive dissonance about their relationship. This is also why if you were to trap a person wearing a feminist logo and a person wearing a men’s rights logo in a pit together they would both die due to lack of oxygen or an aneurysm from endlessly screaming the word “equality” at one another rather than making a plan of escape.
  2. Pandering to females and other liberal-minded children is risky business. Although politicians do a fine job of supplicating to females most white men are not politicians. They do not have the means or mental capability to stand their ground and back up their threats in a staring contest against a haughty female. Consequently most men are never able to pass the female’s tests. Congenitally females are privileged as they are not only able to burden their opponents by requiring more and more proof, they also get to decide what proof is real. Finally they get to decide when their opponent should be dismissed by a flick of the wrist and/or a whisper of an ad-hominem attack. They are the judge, jury, and executioner.

Take these points together and realize that when dealing with liberal-minded people every discussion becomes an argument fought on their ground, and that they are the ones who have credence by most peoples’ standards.

This is how society is run, but you don’t have to fall prey to the liberal-minded animals around you. Avoid falling victim by reminding yourself that you are in a Catch-22 and that you should not play the dangerous game of arguing against egalitarians while being egalitarian-minded yourself.

In this Right Stuff article, Michael Enoch shows the hilarity of how racial egalitarians consume themselves with silly notions of privilege that lead to their own self-negation.

“To expect anything at all out of someone like Rachel is just another example of white people blinded by their privilege. Applying white standards of behavior to Rachel is like applying normal standards of evidence and procedure in a racially charged legal case — an arbitrary process that only serves to entrench white privilege and cultural hegemony. The very fact that we make assumptions about such things at all is because of our refusal to look beyond our whiteness.”

Michael’s point is that no matter what you have to say about black people you can be slandered because what you say can be framed as coming from a privileged position. If you want to help blacks you are privileged. If you don’t want to help blacks you are privileged. If you hold any other belief about blacks it is because you are privileged.

Do not try to help blacks. Do not even care about blacks. You may be privileged, but that is okay. If you do those things the consequences will be your shaming. Look on as a white female race egalitarian actually says that white people can’t help but be oppressors in response to a conversation with another white female race egalitarian.

Following this conversation concerning the impossibility of a white non-racist, I received feedback that this concept creates a “lose-lose” situation in which white people are just screwed no matter what. First of all, the thought that white people are always damned completely dismisses the omnipresence of white privilege in this white supremacist society and perpetuates racial oppression. Second, upon asking what it would mean to “win,” the response was that “winning” would mean being able to eradicate racism from oneself and society. Aside from the fact that equating “win” with “being the white savior” is problematic on so many levels that it is a topic in and of itself, it is absolutely an exercise of white privilege/racial oppression to think that white people can always “win” AND define what “win” means. Finally, the idea that a white person has a right to “come out on top” of every situation is an exercise of white privilege/ racial oppression.

At the end of the day, after all the squirming is done, the author of the above words is saying that if you want to be a good person you will accept the narrative that white people are bad no matter what they do. You must accept that even if white people are stuck in a Catch-22 and have no positive options they can perform within the narrative, there is still nothing wrong with the narrative. There is only something wrong with white people.

So what is the best action to take in order to not get caught in this web of privilege? Understand that egalitarians, feminists and offer recursive bullshit which begs the question in order to ensnare you as their thought-slave. What do you do if a white feminist whines about white male privilege? Understand that the following is their logical conclusion:

Anti-racist whites are racist by being anti-racist according to white anti-racists.

Don’t deal with someone who offers you a foolish frame within which you have no chance of winning the game. Below is an example of what inevitably happens when you attempt to supplicate and appease egalitarians. In this case it is feminist gender egalitarians rather than race egalitarians.

You dare call yourself a feminist.
You dare call yourself a feminist.
Look, you can be all of the things that the poor sap who inspired this image is and it won’t matter. At the end of the day if you try to help females you will be browbeaten by females. They will talk about how your intentions are poor, your actions are misguided and how your privilege prevents you from ever doing anything that would ever be of any good. Someone will make a condescending cartoon about you so they can masturbate with their friends about how beta males suck. The cartoonist didn’t even respect the man in the image enough to give him eyes. This is because it is widely known that male feminists have no souls.

You can never make egalitarians happy. Feminists can never be pleased. If you aren’t liberal-minded, if you are a man and if you are white you may very well be privileged. By some standards you may be more privileged than other types of people. But you don’t have to hang your head low. Refuse to be part of the Catch-22 and instead be happy that you are better than others.

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