On Zimmerman's Acquittal

No, it’s not.
The happening was again averted.

There were no riots, no race war. Nothing of that sort has happened. Nor will it.

The most violence we’ve seen so far, the only violence we will likely see as a result of Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict, was the burning of the California state flag in Oakland.

Oh, and there were some violent crimes committed by blacks nationwide that night, but that’s really just business as usual.

Fitting that it's in front of de' dollar menu.
It’s a fitting symbol, really.
Deep down, you knew that this was going to happen all along.

What’s so surprising to you is that you’re not surprised that the threats were toothless, that “the happening” was aborted in the womb of your fellow man’s idiocy.

This makes you feel anxious, sad. I can totally sympathize, I’m crying into my Arizona tea right now, in fact.

It sucks when the programming slips and the magic is revealed to be a sham. You come to realize that you were the system’s willing battery all along, doing what was expected and even necessary to maintain the charade; even worse, you did all the work for them. You believed what they wanted because you wanted to believe. Worst of all, you know that you’ve done this before, and you’ll do it again.

This is kinda like what you accuse the religious types of doing… but let’s not turn this anxiety into outright depression.

Another feeling you have is one of emptiness, a lack of any fulfillment. You were expecting 1984, but got 50 Shades of Grey. You expected crackdowns and conflict, but what happened was even worse than that; what happened was NOTHING.

There was no justice for poor Trayvon, neither was there a victory for the loudest contingent of the voting public. I know, this is a monstrous failing of democracy. Turns out that Justice is (for now at least) still more concerned with maintaining a stable society than with appeasing the loudest and stupidest of the country.

I know what these guys should be thinking, though they’re likely too lost in their worldstarhiphop and purple drank to do so at the moment: where is Robespierre when we need him?

I say just wait, it’s only a matter of time and progress.


George Zimmerman, that racist “white” guy with as much white DNA as our “black” President (lol), is not going to be imprisoned or publicly executed. There is some hope by the Twittertarians that Zimmy will be murdered by a concerned citizen, but we all know the chances of that occurring are low. Said concerned citizen would have to put down his niggertech and go outside, first.

The question you should be asking, but it makes you sick to even think about it, is: why did the Zimmerman case even receive attention?

Those writers with minority scholarships will quickly respond with “muh race,” and this is both true and a distraction.

It’s not like there was ever a viable murder or manslaughter case against Zimmerman; all the evidence against the “white” guy amounted to some fat, stupid black chick saying “creepy ass cracka.” Oh, and the twittertarians collectively wailing and gnashing their teeth.

I'm already shvitzing.
I’m already shvitzing.
A wannabe cop killed a wannabe thug. Race had a lot to do with why one was the former and one the latter, but that isn’t the real reason this case received so much attention.

A bunch of wannabes were then able to spend over a year feeling like they were doing something about nothing. In a welfare economy, this is what passes for a “jobs project.” I’ll touch on that shortly.

This wasn’t a unique case, these weren’t unique circumstances. This wasn’t an intellectually intense or very meaningful case by any metric.

What made this such a publicized case is simple and horrifying: this event was never about Zimmerman or Trayvon, but about the American public. The society sought to, and has successfully redirected your stupid anger towards @whitenationalist, and now it wants you to reduce your reaction to the ruling to an identifying feather you stick in your hat. Another bumper sticker for the back of your vehicle.

The only winners in this event are those collectors of social network meta-data; the Democratic National Convention will pay handsomely for information preventing them from wasting time on Zimmerman supporters.

I’m certain that there are a number of my fellow travelers out there that are disappointed that the racial/social conflict was avoided yet again. You underestimate the dildocracy again, but I do not blame you for that. There is nothing wrong in being hopeful. With that said, I am telling you that we need to expect another handful of years in the wilderness. It takes a long time for weak men to tear down what was built by better men.

So I suggest we use this time to our advantage, I suggest we see every marginal success of the system as a teachable moment.

Consider the part Twitter played in this event, consider the role of the Social Network in our divided, ignorant, yet comfortable society, and recognize that it is not unlike the old Southern plantation.

Certainly, there could exist more direct and efficient methods of social control. However Twitter, like the plantation of old, successfully and simply binds the classes together in a truly mutual serfdom. Consider, compare the roles of the modern society to that of the forgotten one.

The intellectuals exist as the overseers and the masses the slaves, with the government Masters hidden somewhere in the background.

All rely on, are enslaved to each other in order to maintain an agreed-to status quo.

Of course, a plantation without work or goals is not a very good plantation. The plantations of old usually worshiped something more meaningful than titties or hashtags, as well.

Even so, it says a lot about the power of an explicitly-functioning (though implicitly delivered) socialist system that thugs and coalburners, merchant and goyim, r3volutionary and statist can continue to coexist and to some degree thrive, even as civilization around them regresses to the mean of Cain and Abel.