Blind Spots and the Culture War

I was recently reading an article on First Thoughts about an author’s take on a gay pride street parade he recently witnessed. He did his dutiful “duty” by going around in bemused interview-mode, asking bystanders and participants if this sort of activity really, on an oh-so-deep heart-felt level made them haaaapppppyy. Despite the responses, he remained convinced that they were poor souls trapped in frilly costumes to hide the pain and deep shame they felt while prancing around. The best solution Verner could come up with was a few Rosaries to the wind, some deep reflection, and a prescription to all conservatives: “Folks, by gum, these fellers just need a little love, and they’ll come around to our way of thinking.” (paraphrased, naturally) The secret, in other words, is to “expose the personal tragedies that are wrapped in rainbows.”

Why do conservatives have a blind-spot, here? It doesn’t take much to elicit guffaws from the more hawkish conservatives when discussing pacifism and isolationist foreign policy. I can just hear those bobble-heads in the back of my mind: “Look at those hippies! They think they can avoid the reality of realism and achieve global peace by voluntary disarmament! Yeah, let’s all be friends and leave our front doors unlocked, too! In fact, let’s just put Hussein V2 back in power and ask him to play nice with Kuwait! Oh, and let’s not forget that the United Nations will save the wurrrldlddd! Don’t those sappy liberals know that political power grows out the barrel of a gun?”

Maybe the last one is a little too Maoist, admittedly, but the rest simply can’t be denied.

Now, take that attitude for a moment and try and apply to the culture war. Here we see a stark contrast: conservatives are tripping over themselves apologizing for being such intolerant, mean-spirited bigots, while simultaneously Richwine-ing their own policy ranks and decimating their voter base. Again, why the discrepancy?

In other words, given the obsession with realism, how dimwitted do you have to be to think that the liberal-homosexual agenda can be dismantled with some kind thoughts, a little dash of love, and a few Rosaries? While Verner of course claims not to know the solution, the article itself is littered with solutions I’ve just here mocked. The game is over and done with if the “edgiest” it gets is exposing personal tragedies in the homosexual movement.

I have a couple speculative theories. The first is fairly simply. Conservatives, like white people (as John Derbyshire once wrote), are pussies. But that’s a little simplistic, since they haven’t in the past hesitated to wage war and spread their tentacles, whether for NSC-68 containment policy, or to pour a constant supply of aid and military might into the Middle East to back Israel. But the key factor that differentiates culture war and military might is just that—conservatives are constantly pointing to foreign enemies, while simultaneously refusing to look inward to the Republic and see it crumbling from within.

But granted, that may be outlandish on first glance. Not a day goes by that we don’t see some conservative figurehead howling about the loss of the Republic as it once was—that great and glorious nation. But publicly, it’s concentrated around basic civil liberties and economic issues. Social and cultural issues? They’re buried. Rhetorical firepower? Doused out and defused. And rank and file conservatives duck their heads at any mention of faggotry or liberal social engineering, lest they incite the mob. By the way, just as a side note, if you’re a conservative and the first thing that comes to mind in this article is the offensive use of the word “faggot,” then go fuck yourself. If it’s not pragmatic to use it, given your public position, then that’s understandable. But if you objectively think it’s a sin to call sin a sin, regardless of whether public or private, then I release you unto the powers of faggotry for relentless buttsex. It’s best that you’re culled from the ranks.

Some policy issues are sword issues, and some are shield issues, where “sword” entails policy areas in which there’s a lot of rhetorical, intellectual, and practical power backing. Shield issues for conservatives are areas that are traditionally downplayed and avoided where possible, e.g., environmental policy, welfare reform, racial policies, gender policies, etc. They’re defensive, rather than offensive. Social and cultural issues for conservatives are shield issues. They’d rather avoid them. The problem, of course, is that they cannot be avoided, and they will not go away.

But like ostriches, mainstream conservatives continue to bury their heads in the sand, hoping, just hoping, that the faggots will allow minute exemptions for religious freedom, so that the religious don’t have to sacrifice themselves on the altar to other gods. Don’t fool yourself. Silence is actively being interpreted as disapproval. The faggots are not libertarian. The war isn’t foreign; it’s domestic. And conservatives are losing and will continue to lose, until they start taking concrete steps to consolidate what influence they have in government and advocate policies to expand their voter base—the Sailer method.

Taking the higher road leads to destruction. Conservatives pat themselves on the back for maintaining their moral superiority, and still, even with that lackluster attempt at fighting back, they don’t even bother to trumpet their moral smugness. What good does it do to refrain from being dragged down into the mud if you let the pigs amass and stage a coup d’état? I’ll tell you: your clothes will be immaculate, and in the spirit of Animal Farm, you’ll be chased out of town, never to return, and forever without a home.

The faggots have openly declared war. They’ve infiltrated our schools, our churches, our governments, and our families. They won’t play nice. They don’t play nice. They commit wanton acts of violence. They harass and intimidate. They lie and steal and kill. They destroy your reputation. They sue you and leave you with nothing, if only to set an example to others to know their place. If you refuse to bow down before the gold statue of faggotry, then in the tradition of Nebuchadnezzar, they will—without hesitation—throw you into the furnace.

But you’re afraid of well-developed psychological tactics designed to ostracize and eliminate. It’s a war; do you expect the opposing side to have warm feelings for you? In short, in most cases, if you’re judicious about it, about the worst that can happen is that the female warpigs get terribly offended, while the other normal females, though they publicly express disapproval, can’t help but steal glances at you. And don’t be such a fucking pussy. Cull the fear; speak your mind; rigorously defend your views

Or turn the other cheek and die. This is war, but it’s never too late. Even the Russians are on board. Things have changed since NSC-68.

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