Heroism Is No Potty Breaks

So brave.
> On Tuesday night, the nation’s eyes were on Texas state Senator Wendy Davis, who bravely stood on the floor of the Texas Statehouse for 11 hours—without food or water—filibustering a bill that would have been a devastating setback for women’s reproductive rights.” – moveon.org e-newsletter, 6/27 (#antiprometheanism)

Upon searching for articles regaling me of Davis’s heroic bladder beating those evil Republicans, I’m not surprised to learn that the same people who loudly cried their support for this women now want to write joke reviews about her fucking sneakers on amazon. I can hear Edward Bernays laughing in Hell.

The question people should really be asking, but will not ask and you can’t make me, is: “what did this draconian bill entail?”

Huffpo asserts that SB 5 would have all but destroyed the baby-murdering industry in the Lone Star state.

…Which doesn’t match up with how Republicans act in real life. Hell, if Republicans actually took a meaningful stance against liberal foolishness, I would never have started writing.

So we must dig further and ask: HOW would SB 5 have dismantled the abortion industry in Texas? I had to sift through a lot of garbage before bloomberg gave me a decent answer.

SB 5 so threatened women’s rights because only 5 of the 42 abortion clinics in Texas currently meet surgical-center standards, which would have become the minimum standard for these clinics to continue operating had the law passed.

This is politics on the 19th Amendment.
This is politics on the 19th Amendment.
Do you see? The liberal argument here is that 37 of the 42 clinics are not only sub-par, but that these centers are utterly incapable of ever meeting the minimum standards one finds in Texan surgery centers.

For equalists, they sure have little faith in their fellow man.

The real liberal stance on SB 5 is thus: the convenience to kill your child is more important than quality and safety. Wendy Davis and her crunchy supporters care more about the ethical growth of their Starbucks coffee than they do about the handling of their fellow woman in these clinics.

Which is to say, they care relative to who is paying attention.