Gender Nihilism

DieCisScumThere is a festering cesspit growing like a post-modernist cancer on the fringes of our crumbling society. This smoldering disease is the concentrated essence of all that is weak, detestable, impotent, and irrational about the human species concentrated into one viral organism of nihilistic decay. I speak to you of the Gender Nihilists.

The Gender Nihilists, through an accident of inferior genetic stock, liberal petite-bourgeois upbringing and entirely too much exposure to radical feminist literature have managed to sodomize themselves with a gender-neutral “phallus” of pure slave morality. To the Gender Nihilist’s delicate and sensitive constitution, the mere existence of generalized “norms” regarding human preferences and interests based on their sexual orientation is oppression. The scientific fact that human beings don’t conform to their insanely naive concept of tabula rasa drives them into a pique of righteous indignation. The merest glimmer of possibility that their non-mainstream sexual orientations and preferences might be seen as a “deviation from the norm” or an “eccentricity” instantly offends, hurts and marginalizes these defective little untermenschen. Why the unmitigated gall of the universe to put them in a position where they might feel inferior to someone!

The Gender Nihilist solution is simple: Just erase all distinctions of gender and sneak in the premise that humans are born sexless, androgynous receptacles for whatever sort of hedonist sexual orientation your depraved mind can conjure up. The very idea that perhaps some gender differences can be explained by things like hormone levels or inherited differences promotes what they will refer to as “gender essentialism.” (The rest of us know it as basic biological differences.) Make no mistake, this sort of position requires an uncritically applied form of existential meaninglessness so far removed from practical reality as to beg the question of why these insipid little nihilists even care about socially constructed gender roles in the first place.

Unsatisfied with merely believing and promoting the notion of tabula rasa, the Gender Nihilists have taken to the notion that language itself must be altered and adopted into a sort of feminist Orwellian Newspeak that invalidates the hidden patriarchal oppression lurking in the shadows of everyday discourse. Essentially they have taken the deconstructionism of Derrida and inserted new terms of their own devising to “erase” the privilege of people assuming things like heterosexuality as the general norm. Why having a general expectation based on repeated observations is OPPRESSION!

CisgenderSo the Gender Nihilists have created their very own pretentious little asinine pseudo-language to fight the Evul Power Dynamics of commonly observed patterns about human sexual orientation. Do you assume that the heterosexual orientation and approach to family is natural? Congratulations on promoting “Heteronormativity.” One is not merely a heterosexual that accepts their natural gender either. One is a “cisgendered” person. To assume that other people with your sexual orientation are comfortable in this identity is a “Cissexual assumption.” The very addition of the “cis” prefix is to imply that one’s sexual orientation is completely value neutral, and moreover, to draw attention to and underline this premise, lest you oppressive bigots forget your place. In fact, if you have even the slightest presumption there is anything intrinsically positive about your “natural” sexual orientation, the Gender Nihilist is here to tear down and deconstruct your assumption. You had better wear that Scarlet Letter of “cis” around your neck lest you encourage violence against transsexuals by accidentally assuming something about your own identity. You can’t even claim you were “born this way.” No, your gender role was “assigned” to you, whether you wished it or not.

The irony here is that Gender Nihilists are actually making efforts to change our language itself to suit their own preconceptions and shield their hideously abhorrent little pretensions from actual criticism. These mutated, maladaptive oxygen thieves are busily trying to convince everyone else that they must use the proper prefixes and never forget that someone else’s desire to have a sex change operation, dress in a bunny costume and get railed by a 12 inch pink dildo wielded by a stranger dressed as Wile E. Coyote is literally no different than your “cishet” urge to have “PIV” intercourse. You must bend over submissively and accept this gender relativism or else be denounced as CIS SCUM.

The sheer absurdity of this nihilistic assault on relatively uncontroversial general observations about humans has actually lead to the Gender Nihilists being rejected by mainstream Atheism of all groups. New Atheism has long established itself as a welcoming hovel for any rebellious counterculture opposed to things remotely smelling of conservatism or the dreaded “Right.” However, the arrival of the pretentious, attention starved feminists and “genderqueers” soon exceeded the male dominated atheist community’s tolerance for drama and over exaggerated self-importance. Even the most vulgar atheist became dimly aware that the continued divisive presence of extremists demanding the adoption of Orwellian genderspeak would impair their ongoing mission to establish whining about theism as their central philosophical premise, and swiftly rejected the feminists and queer activists wholesale. After the consequences of “Elevatorgate” and Richard Dawkin’s satire of Rebecca Watson these misfits were thoroughly routed and retreated into a closed echochamber called “Atheism+.”

AtheismplusAtheism+ is the ultimate finality of the hideously contradictory dogma of oppression. In Atheism+, a Gender Nihilist is fully shielded from any reason, criticism, or skeptical analysis of their position. Atheism+ is the final metamorphosis of “anti-oppression” into an authoritarian dogmatic narrative itself. To criticize the tenets of Atheism+ and the Gospel of Gender Nihilism is to give aid to the enemy and you will be shunned and cast out. Practicing the sort of censorship, groupthink and denial of opposing views that would make even an ardent fascist blush, Atheism+ un-ironically presumes itself to be about free thought and skepticism. On a subconscious level, the Gender Nihilist need for authoritarianism is based on an obvious pragmatic truth: No one will accept their radical views otherwise.

Fortunately for us, these radical feminists and other sundry genderabortions are in fact the cruel joke of a capricious and uncaring universe that spawns the occasional dead-end and maladaptation. So long as we remind them of this fact, they will hasten their own destruction.