Fedora-Capitalism On Exploitation


Dear Jeffrey Tucker,

I’m very sorry that you live in a society where notions like “productivity” and “mutual service” cannot be rationally advanced on a masturbatory social media outlet like facebook.

I must also regretfully inform you that pandering redundant books and even more-redundant online lessons in anti-Keynesian snark does not fall under “productive labor;” neither does it count as a “mutual service” to our society… Or any society in known human history.  Yeah, oops.  Thomas DiLorenzo needs to get to work, ASAP.

Though perhaps I am being a bit pessimistic, Mr. Tucker. I have been prone to bouts of “glass half-emptyism.” I blame the State.

Maybe that facebook status will advance your cause, Jeff. You did receive hundreds of likes and shares. Maybe you actually can convince your target audience, your lame ass autistrian echo-chamber these high schoolers. Maybe your words will resonate with them, maybe they’ll re-evaluate the direction their lives are going.

Instead of wasting their time and efforts chasing a social justice dildo degree, they’ll buy Rothbard books and pay a few hundred bucks for Mises I. online classes and real-world seminars to hear guys in bow ties give speeches about gold and Thomas Jefferson.

Hell, maybe they’ll grow up to major in econ under Walter Block and truly become as productive and mutually-serviceable as you.

I am Murray's mutually-productive service.
I am Murray’s mutually-productive service.
Personally though, I would question the relative advantages of being a “realist” in the vein of you bowtie-types. I would also point out that resentment exists in a growing number of libertarian burn-outs. I’m sure it may come as a surprise, but human beings can actually grow sick of playing Truest Scotsman over utopian thought experiments and tautologies.

(Tautologieslike “mutual service” and “socialism,” you disingenuous fuck.)

I also notice that you project a lot of authority on the matter of what’s best for these high schoolers. The bow tie and lisp do much to soften your image, Jeff, but I would still question the character of someone posturing as an authority… Against authority.

Looking through your bio, Mr. Tucker, it is also apparent that there exists a gulf between your writing of and actual experience with the corporate culture. Allow me to help you fill in that gap.

Corporations strap you into a desk within a prison-like environment of set times, expected attitudes, childish learning modules, and the like. You are forced to repeat back stuff you are told yet don’t need or want to know (most of it, easily-googled).


Far from being a priori useful and wonderful, corporate work is largely white-collared fluff, existing only because of laws that make the extraneous paper-pushing necessary. Fact of the matter is, productive labor left for China decades ago, and “mutual service” in America hasn’t existed since the Great Depression. Hence why people like you can make a decent living bloviating about fiat currency on the internet.

I argue that a “pathetic waste of your life” is suggesting that the solution to Western Civilization’s decline is a simple matter of Randian Social Justice… My God, poor Ayn must be spinning in her grave, knowing people actually defend the businessman’s exploitations on grounds of fucking “mutual service.”

It is also surprising that, for someone who is both well-educated and well-read, you have missed out on the fundamental, axiomatic rule supporting all human civilization: purposeful, exploitative violence. Of course, I do recognize that your typical high schooler austrian audience doesn’t much like the idea of violence and pain, and would quickly cease being libertarians; I see that as an irreconcilable flaw in your ideology.

Fighting hedonism with hedonism doesn’t make for a rational means of fixing things, Jeff. You’re not going to take down a system that panders to the lowest common denominator by pandering to the lowest common denominator with some dead Jewish bromides stapled on.

I’m sure you disagree, and I don’t begrudge you a bit for doing so: it’s profitable for you to disagree. Your mutual service is fleecing trust fund babies and degenerates of their surplus wealth. Even a blind squirrel will find a nut every once in a while.

I intend to remember these days as I get older. I will continue to sincerely work for a world that no longer holds the charlatan to a higher esteem than the preacher.

That is to say, a world where people like you have no fucking job.