Alpha Males Will Not Save The West


♫Alpha Game: Breaking the chains
Do you see what I see? (Do you see what I see?)

The socio-sexual hierarchy.”
Do you see what I see? (Do you see what I see?)

The outsider
wins but never plays

This ideal you won’t re-appraise?
This ideal you won’t re-appraise.


This article is intended to reinforce, to make absolutely certain TRS’s stance on the manosphere is properly driven into the minds of it’s audience.

Y’know, just in case Reverge of the Pussynerds and Ancapistan for Your Penis wasn’t enough.

The manosphere is not a game, but a con.

And you’re the mark.

If some street hustler challenges you to a game of three card monte you don’t need to bother to play, just hand him the money; not because you’re going to lose, but because you owe him for the insight: he selected you.

Whatever he saw in you everyone sees in you, from the dumb blonde at the bar to your elderly father you’ve dismissed as out of touch.  The only person who doesn’t see it is you, which is why you fell for it. Even mirrors fail you. Hence a sketch.

This quote is from TLP’s latest article, explaining how Dove’s sketch artist advertisement is a self-empowerment con, the latest software update for Democracy’s Freudian OS.

Check out the video, it’s for you:

NB: Do you hear a resemblance in the ad’s background music? My heart is just going to cave in.


Yes, I am drawing parallels between facial product for hysterical women and blog posts about getting your dick wet. This is because the two serve the exact same purpose in Western society, which is the abortion of revolution before it leaves the womb.

The system does this through reducing the sub-elite classes into harmless alimentary canals and nothing more. AKA, Consumerism.

Indeed, it is true on both a physical and metaphysical level when you call someone wearing a Che Guevara fair trade t-shirt an “asshole.” That is all they are.

Still a better love story that Twili… Fuck.

Dove’s demographic seeks to be given a “purpose” when they have largely misspent their biological and social functions. The manosphere’s demographic seeks to be given meaning and direction when they are paralyzed and marginalized by infinite, meaningless choice.

Both groups seek out the very things and means that have left them as anxious and miserable as they are now. These post-rube rubes should know better, they largely do know better, and yet they knowingly consume. They knowingly consume because they are more afraid of the alternative.

The same social abortion is being perpetrated, the same shell game is being played: that self-esteem is innate.

One of the great insights of psychoanalysis is that you never really want an object, you only want the wanting, which means the solution is to set your sights on an impossible ideal and work hard to reach it. You won’t.

That’s not just okay, that’s the point. It’s ok if you fantasize about knowing kung fu if you then try to actually learn kung fu, eventually you will understand you can never really know kung fu, and then you will die.

And it will have been worth it.

What is impossible about having someone compliment you? What is so difficult in having sex with a bar skank? Where is the heroic ideal in having a prettier face or more notches on your bed post? What is superhuman about treating other humans and yourself like everything else in your meaningless life? How can you save society when you don’t even know yourself?

This is the fundamental problem with all of Western civilization, from religion to economics. Without an impossible ideal, without God, everything becomes cheap and plentiful and easy. The magic is gone, the geist is separated from it’s zeit, progressive meaning has been replaced with regressive definition.

Even more unfortunate is to realize that nature is fundamentally chaotic, and that all human contrivances are fundamentally entropic. The magic of ideal, of God, served as social glue, a hack that made humans overcome their Dunbar Unit and create civilization. We’ve removed the glue (andreplaced the glue with something less cohesive, like humanism, universalism, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson), and the result is all around us.

Secular Consumerism (dildocracy) is the final act, the end of Western history. We will continue breaking down into enclaves of Bronies and the like until either a reaction against liberalism occurs, or we regress to the meanest of the human mean.

Cain Kills Abel

…for practice what you preach wisdom you have to defer to a Wachowski sister: stop letting the Matrix tell you who you are.

At least, stop letting the current Matrix tell you who you are. Because it tells you to treat other humans and yourself like a Big Mac.

If you truly want to survive the coming age, if you desire to endure the pain necessary to attain an existence beyond that of a walking anus, you need to read less Roosh and Elam, and more Kierkegaard and Aurelius.