Divine, Not Broken

Their intention was beauty; I see only sadness.

Let us start with the presentation, the spectacle. While indeed impressive, the excess of material, of motion, steals from the expression, the story, the meaning. What should have been intimate was instead made bombastic; what should have been eloquent was instead made pretentious.

Ornamentation can quickly become distraction; affect will similarly become noise. Quantity is not quality and vice versa.

A man’s emotions are not like car rims… At least, they aren’t meant to be.

What could have been truly and deeply beautiful instead becomes symbolic of what is so tragic about our world today.

The incompleteness, the emptiness is entirely due to EXCESS.

Legless Man and Piano Girl created something beautiful. Unfortunately, that beauty was buried under a thick dollop of shiny and extraneous bullshit, so that the audience can be bludgeoned into projecting bastardized emotions rote-learned from overacted and approved media outlets. They do this so they can claim Pavlovian sympathy badges at their local liberal dildo stores.

Such is the closest one is allowed to distinction, to superiority. To beauty.

This performance is a microcosm of a world where women are encouraged to value their “right” to kill an unborn child more than their biological duty to raise and care for a family. This video is an allegory for a world where purity is feared and simplicity loathed. These images represent a civilization where “natural” is nothing more than a trendy and profitable branding logo, contra naturam.

Cause I’m a bird girl
And the bird girls go to heaven
I’m a bird girl
And the bird girls can fly
Bird girls can fly

Postmodernity can only see beauty in what is broken.

In our day and age, the closest man comes to touching the face of God is a cripple on a string.