Dildocracy Unchained

Women-in-technologyOccasionally an incident occurs that lays bare how truly absurd postmodern society is. Such incidents are notable not for their grand scope and sweeping narrative, but for their drab pettiness. Disasters, tragedies, mass casualty terror attacks and wars do not reveal any fundamental truths about our society. We are too far removed from those sorts of things for them to be real. No, it is rather in events that are shabby and frivolous that we see our culture reflected.

The recent media controversy that has been labeled “The PyCon Incident” or even “Donglegate” (see what I mean about frivolity) is one such event. To summarize: a woman attending a male dominated software conference overheard some remarks that she claims she found offensive, took a picture of the male offenders, posted it online along with an accusation, got one of them fired from his job and then was herself fired in the ensuing backlash. This whole scenario is absurd and contemptible, yet such things are inevitable given the toxic nature of the postmodern social environment.

To understand more deeply what is going on, it is important to examine the social type of the woman at the center of the incident. Who is she? Why was she attending a conference for a field that is overwhelmingly dominated by younger men? Her name is Adria Richards and she is not a software programmer but rather something called a “developer evangelist.” So right away we see a problem here. What the hell does that even mean? What is the point of such a person as a “developer evangelist”? Why does such a position exist? What does such a person actually DO? How is the expense of employing such a person justified to the stockholders and investors of whatever company she works for? Indeed, why should a woman in a male dominated field with such an obviously phony job title expect anything more than grudging contempt from the men around her?

According to this site these are the things a “developer evangelist” does:

  • Find great web content and promote it.
  • Write for the web and create engaging code examples.
  • Use the web and the social web to your advantage to reach, research and promote.
  • Prepare and deliver great presentations.

Here is how Adria Richards describes what she does on her facebook page:

Adria empowers people through technology and helps clients reach their business goals with a geeky twist.

Adria has presented at several conferences including SXSW, Blogworld, BlogHer, Blogalicous, Wordcamps around the country and several private events. Topics range from blogging, and SEO to career strategies in the tech market and the influence of science fiction on modern inventions. Adria does training on a variety of Cloud computing tools, Google Apps, Joomla, WordPress and business workflow.

After discovering a data breach on a political campaign site, she was interviewed on the Rachel Maddow Show. Now living in San Francisco, Adria continues to focus on raising awareness for open source, cloud apps and digital equality.

So, basically she and other developer evangelists do nothing of any real consequence. Her day consists of essentially promoting herself on the internet, having vapid conversations full of annoying buzzwords and inserting herself into situations where she becomes a nuisance to others. Her main interest seems to be scolding men in the software field for being insensitive. Her bogus “job” gives her a platform from which she can do this. In the video below she is giving a talk at another tech conference. Her topic? Of course it is nothing technical. Don’t be silly. No, it is rather a condescending lecture to men about how they need to change their behavior so she does not feel talked down to or “mansplained” to.

Adria Richards and people like her are entirely products of postmodern feminism, or as we like to call it at TRS: Dildocracy. Useless and over-educated women with a chip on their shoulder, thoroughly convinced of their “equality” with men, brazenly inserting themselves into male dominated spaces, screwing everything up, creating these kinds of meltdowns and then demanding to be paid for providing the service. No doubt the job of “developer evangelist” was created by the software industry as a sinecure reserved for female social activist types in a deliberate effort to head off the ever looming threat of feminist groups pushing the issue of gender diversity on them. So feminists that complain bitterly about unearned male privilege can apparently be bought off by simply creating a few unearned bullshit prestige jobs where “digital equality activists” can play on the ‘puter and run their mouths all day. Not that this should actually surprise anyone, despite the rather hilarious irony.

But make no mistake, the software field, particularly this niche of it, is not exactly innocent here either. They let this happen. They willingly host this kind of parasitism in their body. They encourage it. Increasingly gender equality outreach has been the theme at tech conferences in recent years. Indeed, many developers that were present for this conference blogged about their own deep “concern” for the issue of gender equality in technology. The man who lost his job even publicly cuckolded himself by apologizing to Richards and saying she was right to turn him in! It is very difficult to feel sympathy for anyone involved here.

And of course by continuing to churn out the kind of frivolous and silly products that infantilize adults and keep them locked in the oral and anal stages of development, the tech industry is ensuring that even more people like Adria Richards will enter adulthood armed only with the ability to tweet about their feelings and play Farmville. Granted the consumers are demanding this stuff, so that is where the investment goes and where intelligent people direct their efforts. Free markets brah. This just means the cycle will repeat and repeat and continue to spiral down and down and down into an endless vortex of ipads, apps, porn, dildos and mediocrity. You killed culture and now all you have is 140 characters with which to express yourself.

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