Rape makes me moist

moistLeftists are having a field day with the response of some media outlets to the Stubenville rape verdict, namely the response of CNN. Left-leaning CNN sacrificed itself for the consumption of its leftist base by running a segment in which they expressed some bizarre and seemingly thoughtless rape apologetics. As if reading straight from the feminist handbook of “How to Demonstrate Rape Culture,” they lament that the two rapists will tragically serve a year in a kiddie detention facility. This is especially tragic to their community because they are two high-school football stars, so obviously they were slated to become instrumental members of society in addition to being current staples of the panem et circenses. CNN barely acknowledges the girl or her humanity. They even score bonus points from the feminists by mentioning alcohol, implying that the boys could not be held responsible because they were drunk. Of course the feminists think this is bullshit, which it is, but these same feminists will call you a rapist if you even dare suggest that a woman who’s had a glass of wine be held responsible for her actions.

I’ll ignore the highly-suspect behavior of a major news organization intentionally setting itself up for this kind of backlash and focus instead on how this is a prime example of how “rape culture” is bullshit. Leftists need to believe in rape culture, because their “nurture over nature” worldview requires it. A man going out and raping a woman? Well clearly he didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong. How is he supposed to know that rape is wrong unless “anti-rape ed” is inserted into the public school curriculum from kindergarten onward? Genetically-predisposed (or early-environment predisposed) sickos beyond societal help don’t exist, no; if somebody’s a rapist, it’s simply because they were not taught “don’t rape.”

This incident does not represent a culture of “rape;” on the contrary, the blanket disdain across the political spectrum toward CNN shows that even a culture as rife with vapidness and degeneracy as the current one at least has the sanity to view rape just as it always has been viewed: as a sickening act. Rather, this sort of rape apology exemplifies the tight grip that mindless entertainment has on the idiotic masses. I do not find it hard to believe that people in a modern-day community would throw a rape victim under the bus to preserve two high school handegg stars, the same bus that dozens of dead canines were thrown under so that Michael Vick could come back and throw a handegg, the same bus that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were thrown under so that the memory of a hand egg star long past his glory days could be maintained within its rose-tinted veneer in the imbecilic minds of the people still idolizing him.

And so we must question who exactly is emphasizing the utmost importance, let alone the significance whatsoever, of celebrities. Who are the people glamorizing mob idol worship and pre-packaged values over the individual’s formation of an ethical conscience? Who are the people claiming a monopoly on “rape” and dichotomizing every obvious ethical issue into “us” vs. “them,” where “them” is always the evil side, regardless of what “they” think? Who are the ones who would gladly hold this raped and ashamed sixteen-year-old girl up for the world to see and sacrifice what shreds of dignity she has left as an individual for the sake of their hive-minded progressive dogma? Who believes that physical rape is the gravest of all evils yet doesn’t bat an eye at the abundant intellectual rape of an entire populace? The culture we have on our hands is not a rape culture; it is something much more sinister.