Kindness as Weakness

576228<em>503405036343356</em>195757812<em>n</em>2Something I have noticed in my travels thus far; in this day and age, young men (my age especially) view kindness as weakness.

The implicit idea is that you are a “pushover” or a “pussy” for showing gentleness (being a gentleman). Masculine ideals of a generation past have been discarded in favor of everyone imitating a jungle predator in over-priced shoes. The apathetic acceptance and market success of such facades reflect poorly upon our culture.

To be a strong man requires the temperance of human kindness. This noble ability to make and endure the reality of distinction, to create a hierarchy of values and apply them to human beings is what separates heroes from the cowards, the elites from the brutes.

So what happened? Where did the chivalrous man go, and who left this subhuman animal in his place? This filthy thug “hero” certainly hasn’t been the prevailing dynamic forever.

In short, I believe the cause can be traced to how Western society fosters ideals and instills morals in our youth (it doesn’t). Ours is a headless, empty society of visceral pleasures without uncomfortable inner conflict. Ours is a hollow civilization of over-indulged plebes with simply no room for virtue.


Thus it now falls upon the weak and atomized individual to pretend to be this “man” he has heard pretty fables about. Unfortunately, a rudderless population of over-fed and under-challenged filth can only breed narcissistic, twisted caricatures of past ideals. The perception of strength becomes the shoddy replacement for actual strength. Therefore Murray’s Wasted Life.

Chivalrous, kind strength may be gone, but it is certainly not forgotten here at The Right Stuff.

The strong man must balance, temper his strength with kindness. His power comes through his sacrifice. This does not make him the stereotypical liberal bleeding-heart; the liberal “kindness” is nothing more than slavish consumption and image-worship. The Masterly Man knows that he cannot fix all the worlds problems, but sets himself to the task of building a better world. He follows a higher goal, a greater purpose.

It is the coward who thinks he is an individual, while simultaneously conforming to the prevailing dynamic. Inner strength and kindness have been replaced with #YOLO, swag and a flashy pair of Jordans. Tell me again how the problem can be fixed with zero-reserve banking.


It takes a proud and strong man to care, to take in the cold, helpless animal on the side of the road despite others labeling him weak. It takes the sacrifice of proud and strong and KIND men to give value to those that are afraid or unwilling to be anything more than an animal.

What our orphaned population doesn’t want to admit is that their modern identity is nothing more than a diversion; ultimately they are as empty and unfulfilled as any overlooked stray. The corn syrup machismo is in no way different from the mewlings of a forgotten, starving kitten.

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