DIY Science Experiment: Race-Baiting a Pool of Liberals

I’ll admit right off the bat that the following is as much of an “experiment” as is a little kid pouring baking soda into a bottle of vinegar. You know what the outcome is going to be going into it, but you do it anyways because it gives you a kick and is fun to watch. That being said…

You will need:
A Facebook troll account, preferably a female with a dumb liberal avatar



  1. With your Facebook troll account, go onto several liberal Facebook pages and find recent postings by the page that have nothing to do with race (this might be difficult depending on what page you are on).
  2. On these statuses, make baseless vitriolic claims claiming racism where there is none.
  3. Bookmark all the statuses where you made posts, and check them after 24 hours.
  4. Observe the disproportionate number of “likes” your comments got compared to other comments close to yours.

Your results should look something like: (click to enlarge)





Safety precautions:
Make sure you’re mentally prepared for the unadulterated stupidity you will witness on the comment threads. To the mentally fragile, witnessing such assery could cause permanent loss of hope for humanity, if the person in question held any such hope to begin with.

You are now fully prepared to race-bait liberals. Have fun, kiddos!

  • David

    Ugh, Liberals are just lazy like that sometimes.

    Other things I hate:

    People complaining about the other side only engaging in politics. Well they are politicians, fuckwad. I can kind of understand if you’re complaining about Nepotism or whatever, but complaining about politicians practicing politics? Suggesting politics is somehow different from governance?

    Second thing, people who complain about judges having a political bias. Well ffs, of course they do! Everyone has a political bias because every issue has a political interpretation! They’re just mad that the judges don’t subscribe to their own personal bias. Then they try to pass of their bias as the only correct interpretation, thus claiming it is not a bias at all.

    You should go a step further though. Try claiming the original poster is somehow racist and not progressive enough. I like how you capture the Liberal voice though. Faux intellectualism.

  • abel

    Liberals are naturally visceral-reactive. Is there not, though, a group of people above them that make use of this style of reacting? Who controls Facebook? Yes, it’s a corporation. But people are behind the corporation.

    We can all be tempted to be racial reactionaries. Do we take away race altogether from our decision-making process?

  • David

    As a mixed-race reactionary I agree with White Supremacists maybe 90%. I’m half Jew and half Chinese though, so miscegenation had a eugenic effect on my intelligence. Besides, Whites are only dominant now. They haven’t always been in history, nor do I expect it in the future.

    • TD

      Are you trying to be the “Anita” of this thread?