Sodomizing Christianity


I am a follower of Jesus Christ. My desire, which I know I will fall short of, is to be as much like him as possible.

…I will not speak about this topic with anyone against homosexuality because it does make me angry. I have seen too many of my friends get hurt by uneducated bigots in the church. [link]

Translation: Christ died for your sins so Crunchy Momma and her cow-brained ilk can shame you into supporting the Sodomites.

You broke the cross to form the hideous lie of that fucking equal sign. After killing God, vulgarizing mathematics was but icing on the cake for you.

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Anti-natalism and VHEMT, the irresponsible philosophy

Anti-natalism is based on the simple concept that reproduction brings humans into the world, and humans will suffer and die, ergo, “breeding” is ethically evil in all respects. We’re not going to go into how this system trips all over the Naturalistic Fallacy with evolutionary ethical claims or go full abstract into how positing that suffering is evil requires you to believe in a metaphysical ethics system in the first place. Instead, let’s hoist anti-natalism with its own petard.

By asserting that we *should* prevent suffering, and that humans suffer and cause ecological “damage”, the anti-natalists and voluntary human extinction crowd are being incredibly short-sighted. They never actually seem to be conscious of what happens AFTER humans voluntarily vanish from the planet, which seems strange since most of them have probably read Daniel Quinn’s “Ishmael” at least once. Essentially these childlike intellectually bankrupt nihilists just assume that with no humans, the earth goes back to being a verdant Eden-like paradise, free of the nastiness of homo sapiens putting down shopping malls and strip mining everything. The actual reality is, the earth will go back to remaining a paradise right up until the NEXT species in line achieves sentience, then you’re right back on track for more suffering, ecological damage, and internecine warfare among whichever animal species figures out written language first.

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I Fucking Love Nothing

If you see it, it’s for you.

That individual, in a sea of “children”, is responsible for her own awareness of and relationship to the truth that she must discover; and had she tried to convey that inner discovery to anyone else in the audience– I kind of peeked on God– no one would understand, because that kind of insight is only available through art and only individually, through an inner connection.

Translation: By rehashing/spamming “atheist” and “science” blurbs (image), you reveal yourself not as the woman, the individual, but as the audience, the child. Yeah, oops.

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The Case For Secular Social Conservatism Part 2: Against Ethnic Diversity

310NiggaPleaseAcross America the Progressive chant goes unchallenged: “DIVERSITY IS OUR GREATEST STRENGTH.” But America’s strength is derived from a Caucasian heritage. We live in a country whose power came from white nationalism and that same power now wanes because of diversity. Just look at the 1790 census. As most Progressives will criticize, voting was originally restricted to white landowning males. Society has changed considerably since then, the franchise has been expanded and as Reactionaries know, this is a twisted and deluded sense of “progress.”

The reason why America and the Western world are wealthier and more successful than swarthier countries is fairly obvious: biology trumps sociology. Political systems mean little if you’re working with sub-humans. Whites can prosper even in ridiculous governments like Soviet-style Communism. Whites are innovators, creative geniuses. Mathematics, science, architecture, engineering, philosophy, you name it and white people are most likely at the forefront of the field. Plastic, televisions, wireless communication, aircraft, much of modern medicine, computers, all were invented by white men.

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Existentialism, Egoism, and Zen

StirnerWhile in the western world faith in God has long since been sent to the graveyard, faith in God’s concept of ethics and morality still haunt the human mind. Despite the victory of existentialism and the words of philosophers like Nietzsche and Stirner finally shattering the fragile glass of moral realism, in actual political thought these philosophical advancements have remained in their infancy. Commoners still bray like donkeys about “Natural Rights” and “Social Justice” as if these concepts have the slightest shred of validity. Even with the advancement of moral non-cognitivism and the gradual shift of non-theist philosophers from any sort interest in discovering the “One True Moral Order Hanging There Out In Space,” there is still earnest discussion, even among ATHEISTS about the question of ethics.

The history of egoism is of course tied to Max Stirner, who in turn provided the basis for existentialism. Nietzsche’s contributions further advanced existentialism into the mainstream where it eventually coalesced into a more popular philosophy in the hands of writers like Jean Paul Sartre. Existentialism is essentially the Western acceptance of the Zen Buddhist position that “The Great Truth is that There is No Great Truth.” Western thought has merely just now caught up to something eastern thinkers and monks have known for quite some time, which is that ethics, morality and conscious constructs have no sort of intrinsic meaning or weight, and are merely the vain imaginings of the human mind. However, Western thinkers, unlike their Asian cousins, did not have a tradition of meditation and intense personal focus to enable them to peacefully absorb this knowledge. While a Zen Buddhist can smile at the nihilism of the universe and calm the vigorous horse of his mind with Zazen, the Western philosopher often found this final knowledge to be an endless torment, and had no refuge from what he saw as the terrifying implications of this reality. (Given this perspective, the insanity of Nietzsche and Sarte’s “Existential Angst” should now make perfect sense.)

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Dildocracy Unchained

Women-in-technologyOccasionally an incident occurs that lays bare how truly absurd postmodern society is. Such incidents are notable not for their grand scope and sweeping narrative, but for their drab pettiness. Disasters, tragedies, mass casualty terror attacks and wars do not reveal any fundamental truths about our society. We are too far removed from those sorts of things for them to be real. No, it is rather in events that are shabby and frivolous that we see our culture reflected.

The recent media controversy that has been labeled “The PyCon Incident” or even “Donglegate” (see what I mean about frivolity) is one such event. To summarize: a woman attending a male dominated software conference overheard some remarks that she claims she found offensive, took a picture of the male offenders, posted it online along with an accusation, got one of them fired from his job and then was herself fired in the ensuing backlash. This whole scenario is absurd and contemptible, yet such things are inevitable given the toxic nature of the postmodern social environment.

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Glasnost and pepperoni

If you grew up in the United States, fascism frightens you in a way that Communism does not. To call someone a fascist is still an indictment; to call someone a Communist is almost a joke. You’re supposed to like Joe McCarthy less than you like Nelson Mandela. Hitler is scarier than Stalin, who killed millions more.

It’s easy to explain why. Progressives won World War II, and progressives were often cool with Communists but didn’t much like fascists. The world since then has been largely shaped by progressivism, so of course you hate fascists more than you hate Communists – just as you’ve heard of Honey Boo Boo but not All My Babies’ Mamas. These little prejudices and preferences are simply enzymes secreted by a memetic parasite. They keep you hating the right things. They are little pins and ties for the Communist – err, progressive – mind.

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Rape Culture: A response to Nathan Goodman

drinking-rapeThe Steubenville rape case has gotten everyone talking, and predictably, the most effeminate, pansexual white genderqueers with “Asperger’s Syndrome” have weighed in with their nauseating platitudes on the “origins” of this “social epidemic.” Nathan Goodman from Center for a Stateless Society (C4SS) had this to say:

“Evan Westlake testified at  trial that he saw one of the perpetrators, Trent Mays, smacking the victim’s hip with his penis. He also saw Ma’lik Richmond, the other perpetrator, penetrating the victim’s vagina with two of his fingers. When asked why he didn’t intervene, he answered “it wasn’t violent. I didn’t know exactly what rape was. I always pictured it as forcing yourself on someone.”

What Westlake witnessed was violence. It entailed physically violating another person’s boundaries. But, as is often the case in real rapes, there was no struggle, no armed stranger in the bushes, no screaming victim. What Westlake witnessed was rape. But it wasn’t the comparatively rare stranger rape that haunts the popular imagination. So Westlake did not even recognize it.

We need to change that. In a culture that educated young people about respecting boundaries and treating other people’s bodily autonomy as sacrosanct, Westlake would have known exactly what rape was, and he would have intervened. Throughout the night, when boys assaulted the victim, joked about raping her, and carried her unconscious body between rooms, multiple people would have intervened. But evidently, we don’t live in that culture.”

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Rape makes me moist

moistLeftists are having a field day with the response of some media outlets to the Stubenville rape verdict, namely the response of CNN. Left-leaning CNN sacrificed itself for the consumption of its leftist base by running a segment in which they expressed some bizarre and seemingly thoughtless rape apologetics. As if reading straight from the feminist handbook of “How to Demonstrate Rape Culture,” they lament that the two rapists will tragically serve a year in a kiddie detention facility. This is especially tragic to their community because they are two high-school football stars, so obviously they were slated to become instrumental members of society in addition to being current staples of the panem et circenses. CNN barely acknowledges the girl or her humanity. They even score bonus points from the feminists by mentioning alcohol, implying that the boys could not be held responsible because they were drunk. Of course the feminists think this is bullshit, which it is, but these same feminists will call you a rapist if you even dare suggest that a woman who’s had a glass of wine be held responsible for her actions.

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