An Apostate On Libertarians

Let me begin by stating that I believe everyone reading this article will at least share my desire for a more orderly and prosperous society than what currently exists in the West today. With that said, my criticisms and considerations are mainly directed at libertarians.

I should preface that I myself have been a libertarian since 2007 or so. I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and would have liked to have seen him get the GOP nomination at least in 2012. Besides that I have read, watched and studied libertarian ideology since then, so don’t believe a return criticism that can be leveled at me is, “he just doesn’t understand libertarianism!” In fact, it is my understanding of the subject that informs these criticisms.

Libertarians desire a society that has more personal liberty, economic freedom and less “nanny state” molestation of the individual. These are indeed admirable goals, but their ways of achieving these are mistaken. Many think this can be done through either nonviolence and the non-aggression principle, or a sort of Fabian philosophical drift.

Seeing nothing new under the sun, I’ve come to think, as The Joker put it, “that is the one rule you’ll have to break to know the truth.” To paraphrase him, the only sensible way to live in this world and achieve your goals is not through the absence of rules(ers), but by not allowing everyone to decide on the rules.

Because the result of everyone deciding the rules of society is a paradoxically stagnant and dysgenic morass, progress-minded Libertarians are often left feeling like the odd man out. Some, in near desperation, seek separation because of the horrors of what democracy brings about.

I believe the intelligent of “the right” nowadays are more prone to this libertarianism and anti-statism because they see escape from the masses as the only way to achieve their desires. This post is not to discuss the merits of secession; I would just like you to consider the flip side. Perhaps you ought not try and escape, but rather use your intelligence to control and govern the masses.

In a way “installing” liberty in the USA and other Western nations is like supporting neoconservative efforts overseas to install democracies. It isn’t compatible with most people. Let us not kid ourselves when we look around the room and mainly see a homogeneous grouping of people who support liberty and an easily-identified mass of people who don’t.

Mussolini said, “the truth is men are tired of liberty.” A more apt description would be that some men aren’t tired of liberty; it’s just that most don’t know what to do with it and can’t handle it.

Stated bluntly, the only way a Paul will save you is by installing him as dictator for life…

Libertarians also tend to get their jimmies rustled when others argue about characteristics of people, and in turn groups, mainly from a racial standpoint. To think outside the total individualism box is to incur the chant, “that’s just collectivism!” This goes back to the unscientific idea that we’re all a “blank slate” and that any such groupings are “social constructs” meant more to obfuscate than to inform.

Libertarians want to argue that these ideas of race are leftist and communistic. Ironically, what they don’t realize is the egalitarian schwerpunkt is leftist in itself. It is naïve to think we’re all equal and uniformly fertile gardens ready to be tended by Ron Paul, Mises and Rothbard. This is simply not the case, and it is certainly not “evil” or “bad” to state such facts of reality or to base political policy on this. In fact, I believe more open acceptance of true human differences would result in more harmonious outcomes for all involved. In case you have forgotten, God is dead: so any idea of an objective racial morality to base your ideals of liberty on are just silly. Leave such twaddle to recent trillionaire Stefan Molyneux.

As libertarians are a marginalized group, I’ve as of late begun to think of them like the GOP. They want to think that they can appeal to many non-whites because of some little points that matter to them. For example:

GOP: “We’ve got Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal. We’re just as appealing and hip as the mulatto leftist you chose!”

Libertarians: “Everyone loves liberty, respect for private property and prosperity! How can you not accept that?”

Libertarians are indeed admirably dogmatic, but misguided. I’ve actually had libertarians tell me that they would travel to educate 3rd world immigrants in an effort to engender libertarian ideals. Now I’m going to assume not all libertarians advocate this, but on a logistical level this is utterly retarded. Their very existence is only possible through the explicitly dysgenic culture of Liberalism. If humans are indeed driven by incentives, where is the incentive in selling shitty people on a more difficult and honest world of merit?

I can imagine some going around with their little black & gold books “preaching the gospel” of liberty. “Excuse me, let me tell you about my personal savior Ludwig von Mises.” I’m sure Matt Stone and Trey Parker would write an entertaining musical about it.

The libertarian gospel has, and will continue to fall on deaf ears. Perhaps it’s the lack of historical grounding? Perhaps the “black and gold” need to remember that humanity had to have this:

Before they could have this:


So where does this leave us? I know I’ve done more deconstruction than construction. Where should you go from here? As a start I would say entertain the ideas of “libertarian fascism,” read Mencius Moldbug, research the implications demography has on the political landscape, and study history. Don’t think you’ve reached end of political ideologies, intellectual laziness is unbecoming of my fellow travelers. I’ve heard apt criticisms leveled that I don’t think libertarianism can tackle currently. You should find and ruminate upon these criticisms; it’ll be good for you.

In conclusion, dear reader, I say just because you have a vested interest in your ideology now, still make yourself listen to criticism, and don’t dismiss anything that disagrees with you out of hand. Such behavior is more fitting for the leftists, after all.

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