The Help: A generous serving of shit pie

About a year ago, I watched the movie “The Help”. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be a heaping helping of anti-white propaganda. There is a scene in the movie where a black maid asks the white family she works for to loan her the money she needs; they say no, and the viewer is supposed to seethe with rage at the greedy white devils who have the audacity to refuse a loan to a black woman. The pinnacle of tragedy, however, occurs when that maid is arrested for stealing a ring from that white family and pawning it off. As a true testament to the infinite unfairness of the universe, director Tate Taylor attempts to strain the viewer’s heartstrings to an unbearable tension as he depicts a black woman actually being held accountable for stealing from whites.


The white-hating fun doesn’t end there. There’s a white woman in the film who is depicted as racist and rude. The film’s crowning moment occurs when one of the black maids gives this white woman a pie to eat, only to reveal after she’s eaten a bit that there is feces in the pie. That’s right, this movie wants to make it clear: if you are a white person who dares hold opinions that some black person could classify as “racist”, you deserve to be exposed to fatal diseases such as hepatitis, cholera, dysentery, and E. coli via eating food that, unbeknownst to you, that black person has laced with her own shit.

This trash, and the fact that it was well-received by whites, is disgusting enough. But what really takes the feces-laden cake is the fact that in social justice circles, this movie was criticized at large for being far too racist… against blacks. That’s right, this movie that advocated complete ethical inculpability in matters of blacks stealing from and feeding feces to white people, was not anti-white enough for the liking of the PC police. The problems? Black women were depicted in a position of servitude, and apparently accurately representing the past is un-PC now. A white woman is instrumental in helping the maids share their stories, and that’s “problematic” because in stories like these, it’s imperative that whites be evil only. Now all that viewer emotion that was supposed to be invested fully into pitying the black maids has to be divvied up with gratitude toward a white character. And the most egregious offense: the movie had a happy ending, therefore it was glossing everything over and grossly insensitive to the black struggle. Nothing less than the two black protagonists being executed Emmett Till-style by a screaming mob of white hicks would have satisfied the PC brigade here.

A good chunk of the criticism from the social justice sphere came from black women themselves, unsurprisingly. Like their street thug counterparts who know that their failings will be attributed to “society” rather than themselves, black women who fancy themselves as social justice warriors quickly become drunk on their exemption from accountability. They’ve found their niche in which they can do or say anything and get away with it, and that niche is the intellectual vacuum that is the social justice movement. They are used to having sniveling white feminists apologizing to them at every turn for no good reason, and with every undeserved apology, their insolence grows. It speaks for itself that these social justice negresses are accusing a movie that can be summarized as the magnum opus of anti-white filmmaking of not being anti-white enough. No white person should delude themselves into thinking that sentiments against their race as unyielding as these are anything but homicidal.

  • matthew

    No, it’s problematic that one of the few narratives of black servility is framed by the white saviour complex, as if to say the only way to make such complex African American experiences palatable to audiences is to view it entirely through the gaze of someone unable to comprehend the same experiences.

    I dislike white liberal guilt probably as much as you do, but for vastly different reasons. This is exactly the type of pablum that Hollywood would churn out in service of “eradicating racism” by framing it entirely through the perspective of those in power, made by those in power. “If we all individually stop being racist, then racism is over” is the type of childish moral these films traffic in. However, movies like this and “Crash” (which I assume you dislike as much as I do) ignore systemic causes and institutionalized racism with hegemonic status.

    Your reading of the film is way off (“anti-white propaganda”? Are you being serious?) but at least we agree that it’s a shitty movie.

    • Michael Enoch

      He already predicted your objection in the text.

      “A white woman is instrumental in helping the maids share their stories, and that’s “problematic” because in stories like these, it’s imperative that whites be evil only. Now all that viewer emotion that was supposed to be invested fully into pitying the black maids has to be divvied up with gratitude toward a white character.”

      This is what you are saying translated from PC speak to english.

    • Johnny F-Bomb

      As Michael said, I already stated that I was aware the “white savior” complex was one of the main factors that you and the rest of the PC brigade took issue with. Most movies are made primarily with the intent to turn a profit. If the producers/screenwriters feel that more viewers will be attracted to a movie with a “white savior”, they’re free to add one. Or in this case, to simply remain faithful to the source material.

      ““anti-white propaganda”? Are you being serious?”

      Lol, yes. Did you read the article, ffs?

  • Give me a break!

    HAHAHAHA You wrote “apparently accurately representing the past is un-PC now” when it comes to depicting black women as servants but you whine like a five year old about a racist white bitch in the film being portrayed as openly racist like many whites CLEARLY were in the 1950s-60s (ie., Woolworth’s, church bombings that killed little black kids, assassinations of black leaders, fire hoses, Emit Till, Selma, Mississippi appendectomies, the list goes on and on and on). It’s people like you – who have such a damn inferiority complex and such thin-skin that you can’t look at the reality of race relations historically and acknowledge white culpability – that fuck things up for the rest of the country. Why don’t you learn how to actually love our country and want it to be the best it can be for everyone instead of burying your head in the sand and living in the la-la land of rainbows, unicorns, and us-white-people-are-so-awesome-how-DARE-you-say-anything-bad-about-us? Be a responsible, informed citizen who is mature enough to look at the actual history of the nation instead of boo-hooing about how white people are “made” to look bad instead of recognizing how often us white folks have done that all for ourselves. Oh, oops, there I go being a “radical white lefty.”

  • Reality Check

    it’s really not anti-white at all, it’s anti-slavery, there are many white people who are positive and pro-black in it. The film is however, totally shit, patronising and boring – “ray-sism bad, mkay?” its racial analysis even less complex than the average quentin tarentino film. There are good whites who are essentially exactly as an open-minded person today would be little goody-two-shoes, then there are nasty whites who are ray-sist! mkay! then there are the good and then the blacks are honest, upstanding and live their lives in perpetual hope their goodness will pay off. except maudie, who puts a shit in a pie. but because her employer is a bitch. so that’s okay. obviously.

    in real 50’s america being racist was normal and you’d be on open-minded but inside stilla bit racist, lynchings were real, police would not intervene – some slaves would be good people, many would be bad, because that’s how real life is. if you put a turd in a pie you would probably be lynched and the police would probably ignore it.

    Hollywood is only barely out of the “the black guy always dies” school of film-making and is only just starting to really treat them as equal people, so it’s a bit rich to start patronising us about 60 years ago. You’ve only just got Will Smith as the hero in a major hollywood film this last decade – you’re not out of the woods yet, hoolywood. But it’s a theme hollywood just can’t let go of just as blacks and whites in America still can’t let go of the f*ing subject 60 years on. blacks still hating for how ‘they’ were treated and whites still desperate for some king of forgiveness for ‘their’ inherited guilt (of course there’s the third kind of white moron that actually genuinely still believes in racism, like the authour of this rubbish review). Either make a realistic film about that time or f- off and make something constructive where black people are just normal people in their own right, equal to whites these sterotypes.are so boring

    Anyway, this films shit unless your understanding of race-relations is on a level of the average 10 year old. The review is shit as well.

  • It’s anti-slavery you dumb shi

    White people are a disease.
    This honestly proves it.
    Is everything about you? Are you uncomfortable when you aren’t the center of attention?