Dildocracy: I Will Sit On My Ass

“A passionate tumultuous age will overthrow everything, pull everything down; but a revolutionary age, that is at the same time reflective and passionless, transforms that expression of strength into a feat of dialectics: it leaves everything standing but cunningly empties it of significance. Instead of culminating in a rebellion it reduces the inward reality of all relationships to a reflective tension which leaves everything standing but makes the whole of life ambiguous. Everything continues to exist factually whilst by a dialectical deceit, it supplies a secret interpretation — that does not exist.” –Søren Kierkegaard, “The Present Age – On the Death of Rebellion”

Ten generations of children begetting children, and our revolutions have been reduced to sitting on our ass with bag music in the background. I mean, fuck, at least the predecessors had John Lennon.

Sitting through this 40-second barrage, I am stuck wondering how much of our limbic system is composed of scar tissue from being hyper-stimulated by meaningless objects and actions on a daily/hourly basis.

We are Bernays' scarred asshole.
We are Bernays’ scarred asshole.
Existing in a world of hyper-surplus, we come to realize there is nothing to live for beyond our alimentary canal; that [postmodern existential crisis](http://therightstuff.biz/2012/12/15/postmodern-god-is-a-chicken-sandwich/ "Postmodern God is a Chicken Sandwich") I have mentioned before. What cannot be bought with cash can be bought with credit, and what cannot be bought with credit can be ceded through acts of shaming. You will not stand for it? Of course you won’t, you’re having a stroke. Contrary to the whimpers of “rebellious” libertarians who want reality’s [mudsill](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mudsill_theory) replaced with a gold-plated escalator, the Western World never deviated off the course set by it’s Founder’s. In fact, we have dutifully followed Liberalism’s path of Freedom and Equality to it’s logical conclusion: *meaninglessness*. Quantity and quality are negatively correlated; did we think political and social power was magically exempt from this? We strive to give every upright mammal a stake in governance, and the revolutionary vanguard want to argue the world is decaying because of fucking printing presses and drone strikes? A world without desperation is a world without aspiration. The ancient world decided it’s elites, it’s rulers through contests of strength, skill, wit. Somewhere along the way, the elites realized they could distract opposition with material and dialectic. The resultant present age now has but one contest for determining it’s “winners:”

“Like the protagonist of Fight Club who chases “completion” through buying high-end furniture and appliances, the inhabitants of the early 21st century think of self-improvement as an endeavor of indulgence, as a choice in lifestyle — in brief, narcissistically… we end up with a society obsessed with expression at the expense of actualization. The postmodern personality is not a face, but a mask.” –Graaaaaagh, “The read-write society

Why hate each other care about anything? Why not support change derivation? Open your minds and accept people.

Seriously, what do you have to lose now that God is dead?