A Bulbasaur Art Project: Stefan Molyneux

A good frenemy of mine recently pointed out that we here at The Right Stuff should not take ourselves so seriously all the time. I find myself agreeing. I fucking love to hate you, Suss.

Sometimes, things get a bit too esoteric and combative both at the blog and our secret online forums/moon base. Even a Darwinian Ultra-Royalist like myself can become drained by the constant critique and debate. There are simply too many people who need to go fuck themselves. It makes one’s head spin.

While our work continues to attract considerable interest, the fact remains that Western society is not at a point where TRS propaganda can be put into practice. ‘Murca is simply not austere enough for it’s Golden Dawn. Yet.

Until me and my black shirts are introducing Occupussy skulls to truncheons, it’s certainly rational for one to afford a few moments of unguarded humor.

Which brings me to the subject for today’s Reactionary whimsy.

Moly doesn’t mean to encourage pathetic children to commit suicide, either.
This facebook post led to some trollish penny donations (me included), which then led to a vlog post psychoanalyzing the trolls (reactive rage ftw) and defending his whining.

…Which lead to me making an Amazon order.


…For what became the first TRS Care Package.


Enclosed, Stefan and/or his American handler “Michael” will find the following:

  1. One (1) 100 Trillion Dollar Zimbabwe Note. Total value (including shipping): ~$2.50
  2. The Letter.

1. Screencap of the “Not to sound ungrateful” facebook post.  In case he forgets.
2. My autograph.

Because my statism is due to narcissism which is due to someone slapping my ass as a child. And martial arts. Lulz.

To Stef: You killed God, and all you have to show for it are suicides and lawsuits. - Bulbasaur <3
Due to a late start today (Skyrim for the Nords), I was almost prevented from sending the care package.

Crony Capitalism FTW

Fortunately, I located a local USPS contractor. Mixed economies ftw.

Package The package

Total Investment:


Zimbabwe note (with shipping): $2.50
Officemax printing: $0.76
First-class shipping, USPS: $1.95

Total Cost: $5.21

Freedomain Radio breaks down my investment as being equal to 10 Moly podcasts. Sounds about fair: I’d rather spend 10 hours planning/making this care package and writing about it than watching Moly’s uncomfortable stare and listening to his weird accent and garbage philosophy.

Funny enough, the page compares 4 of his podcasts to the donation amount that lead to his frowny face.

Though the total investment in money and time is quite submarginal, I must say that this endeavor has been priceless in the memories and lulz.  Hopefully some of you out there have enjoyed this article as much as I have writing it.

There are some things that money can’t buy; for everything else, there is statism and God. :)


Big thanks to Ludwig von Jesus/Joe Pinochet/Goaat Ghostler.