Warrior Phobia


The events of recent shootings have occasioned a great renewal of public debate over “violence” in our culture. According to the popular narrative of the media and Bleeding Heart Liberals (an apt description if there ever was one), American society suffers from a sick fascination with guns and violent entertainment. Gun magazines, Grand Theft Auto, action movies, these are all a “disease” in America which must be “cured” to prevent more innocent death. With no sense of irony whatsoever, these shrill harpies screech with unabashed seriousness that we must do something, and that it’s for the children. You might ask them why they don’t seem overly concerned about other people’s children killed by Hellfire missiles launched at the behest of a smooth talking African American gentleman, but expect to get accused of changing the subject or “making a false comparison” if you bring this before their crude senses.

The reality of the liberal’s true sentiments is most accurately hidden within the items they find most terrifying and repulsive. They speak of “military style assault weapons,” and from this very phrase you can learn more about their psychology and ethos than you could from months spent watching The View. They are simply horrified of anything associated with war, and especially things warriors might want to own or entertain themselves with. War movies, warlike toys, war in video games, and most certainly any firearm which has the “style” of a military weapon, even if doesn’t have the function. The very first Assault Weapons Ban was living proof of this, with items like bayonets prohibited from guns, since the idea of having a weapon which looks “too warlike” inspires a “liberal” flow of urine down Democrat trouser legs.

Because liberals occupy the very forefront of a decadent, soft culture which is frittering away the investments of past generations on endless frivolities, they’re the first pigs at the trough to squeal when a wolf in the distance interrupts their mindless garbage eating. These soft, senile old women have delicate constitutions unsuited to the presence of rough, manly warriors who might unduly disturb their smug, self complacent habits. They seek to castrate, emasculate and outlaw the warrior archetype altogether. They naively fancy that human beings have evolved beyond the need for violence, that civil societies simply shouldn’t have warlike implements, entertainments, or people within them. Why, isn’t The Warrior a MALE archetype? Isn’t this just macho, primitive male barbarism, hasn’t our society accepted The Peace of Feminism yet? This is their real conceit, that male values are bad for a culture, and that female values are intrinsically more evolved and should supplant the evolutionary throwback sentiments of barbaric men.

Curiously, these emasculated unmen and shrill harpies still depend on warriors to defend their countries and arrest those dreaded male rapists or possibly go after the violent “gun nuts.” One should ask why any person would feel like becoming a warrior or law enforcer for these pathetic cowards, when their ideal culture would prohibit any warlike sentiments, paraphernalia, or entertainments. Liberals were outraged when William G. Boykin dared to say that “I knew my God was bigger than his God.” in reference to a successful military campaign against a Jihadist. Apparently killing people is totally fine, but don’t dare to invoke the name of an old Jewish War God when you do it. It took liberal, emotionally based unlogic to invent ideas like “Hate Crime,” in which murders become somehow worse depending on the subjective emotional states of the perpetrators. Because their ethos is based on the nurturer sentiments of women (there are certainly ample example of female warriors, we must take care not to assume, as liberals do, that women are inherently peaceful, life creating creatures) they cannot understand the role of violence, of being prepared to do violence, or becoming skilled at inflicting it. These hypocrites scarf down cheeseburgers made from the flesh of slaughtered animals, live in a country protected by the world’s largest military, while police armed with semi-automatic carbines patrol their streets, but they cannot understand violence? How do they think meat gets put on their table and criminals put in their prisons? Simply put, these sickeningly stupid hypocrites owe their very existence to violence, violence minded persons, and warriors, but they would seek to prohibit the cultures that validate and produce these necessary members of human society.

Warriors, hunters, brawlers, fighters, and martial artists represent one of the most noble and honorable strains of mankind, in them we see fearlessness, discipline, and mutual respect earned by deeds. Liberals are marked by cowardice, lack of self control, and equality with others by virtue of mere existence. Their well deserved inferiority complex is inflamed by the self evident superiority of all Warrior Archetypes. Not only do warriors represent a possible threat to them and their peace, they also remind the liberal of how lowly and insufficient his meager half existence really is. Warriors terrify him, because warriors are bold, aggressive individuals, possessed of determination and inner drive. Warriors not only do not shirk from violence, but also relish the craft of it and the opportunity to crush a worthy adversary. They are utterly alien creatures to the feeble imaginations of liberals.

If anything, this country suffers from a culture that isn’t militant enough. We have an infantile, consumerist form of militarism, not an actual, effective warrior culture that validates and strengthens men. The proliferation of gun gadgets, toys, and “tactical gear” of questionable effectiveness is facile and immature. We have an actual deluge of ZOMBIE oriented firearms products! This sort of silliness defaces the idea of guns and weapons being the tools of warriors and hunters, reducing them to just another mindless amusement for bored children with Walking Dead fantasies. What we need is more gun competitions, and the promotion of actual skill with a firearm as being an achievement worthy of much respect. We need to encourage the cultivation of martial prowess and bring it back to its former position of glory. Above all, we should endeavor to remind the cowards and frail women among us that their scared voices are not worthy of reaching our noble ears. Too long we have tolerated their insipid whining, it is time to point out that their terrified, emotional cries for the prohibition of warriors are the result of unmanly, cowardly premises rooted in weakness and inferiority.

“So live your life of obedience and of war! What matter about long life! What warrior wisheth to be spared!” –Friedrich Nietzsche