MGTOW: Ancapistan For Your Penis

Feminism and Western Civilization. What do?

The manosphere, a “reactionary” (lol) blogging counterculture that emerged against feminism, is a perfect example of a present day market failure. All of the free association afforded by the internet, and the demand for an anti-feminist culture produces blogs about picking up skanks and/or celebrating being a sullen asshole. The former is at least entertaining and educational, the latter is poison.

In the sullen asshole category is the Men Going Their Own Way movement. Here are bloggers dedicated to moralizing their fearful hatred of the Western vagina.

The MGTOW manifesto states their goal is “to instill masculinity in men, femininity in women, and work towards limited government!” The first goal is an honorable one, but is sabotaged by an impossible second and retarded third objective.

When the most “red-pill” brand of masculine identity amounts to sexual separatism, ancapistan for your penis, it becomes apparent you need to re-think your stance on “rational” human action.

(Protip: Less “Human Action,” more “Might Is Right.”)


Don't Need No
Masculinity instilled.
Consider the second goal. What does a man know (or care) of femininity? A superior man is not also a superior woman; the two genders are fundamentally different and therefore unequal. The conflict between the two genders, the biological desire/distrust of difference, is what makes the dialectic, what intertwines the two, what creates love and desire and progress.

It can no longer be a dialectic or relationship if you control the opposition’s narrative. MGTOW seeks a male-created/controlled feminine ideal that better resembles a cow. Making someone “yours” does not entail making them an object, manly-man. Go fuck a Big Mac.

The MGTOW who advocate giving up women entirely are thankfully more logical and less destructive. You are indeed better off staying home with the e-titties if you think the feminine exists as a pre-assembled mirror with a vagina; you would be horrified to see what was reflected back, anyway.


It's Happening
Fucking humans, how do they work?
Now for the third objective, limited government: because nothing is more manly than limitation, amirite?

The purpose of this oxymoronic libertarian ideal is to prevent people from imposing their will on others (particularly theirs). Different wording, same barriers to entry. Funny, it’s never “statist” controls when a libertarian desires it.

MGTOW “masculinity” thinks an equally-castrated society would be the best means of acquiring their traditional family ideal. They forget that families were traditionally held together by a strong and domineering patriarch.

Government emerges to reflects the culture, and that culture is a reflection of the family.

Liberalism is a broken home, MGTOW seeks joint custody.


Libertarianism and a thorough misunderstanding of the feminine purpose makes it impossible for MGTOW to ever achieve a coherent masculinity. You really want to understand manliness? Lrn2Filmer.

Society began when a man was willing to kill another over his woman. Humans transcended animalism when the first man crowned himself Patriarch, ruler of his family. The first Kings were Fathers of Families. THIS should be the ideal men seek, not angry and cowardly sexual secessionism. Take the power away from the bitches who never earned it; the reason society is as shitty as it is now is that avoiding pain and conflict has been confused with morality and strength. You think you can build a better society, when you can’t even conquer a single bitchy Western woman? GTFO.

Society ends when men believe they don’t need a woman to challenge or complete them. Man becomes an animal when he thinks it is ideal to walk away from the conflict that builds society. MGTOW correctly intuits the problem as being feminism, but they do not go any further. The movement is therefore complicit in the Liberal deconstruction of both Father and Family.

Calling your cowardly, roundabout anarchy “reactionary” is thoroughly offensive. You are at best conservative anti-natalists.