A Bulbasaur Art Project: Stefan Molyneux

A good frenemy of mine recently pointed out that we here at The Right Stuff should not take ourselves so seriously all the time. I find myself agreeing. I fucking love to hate you, Suss.

Sometimes, things get a bit too esoteric and combative both at the blog and our secret online forums/moon base. Even a Darwinian Ultra-Royalist like myself can become drained by the constant critique and debate. There are simply too many people who need to go fuck themselves. It makes one’s head spin.

While our work continues to attract considerable interest, the fact remains that Western society is not at a point where TRS propaganda can be put into practice. ‘Murca is simply not austere enough for it’s Golden Dawn. Yet.

Until me and my black shirts are introducing Occupussy skulls to truncheons, it’s certainly rational for one to afford a few moments of unguarded humor.

Which brings me to the subject for today’s Reactionary whimsy.

Moly doesn’t mean to encourage pathetic children to commit suicide, either.

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Fascist Libertarianism: For a Better World

pinochetHere at The Right Stuff we’re always tearing things down and burning bridges. I figured I’d try to write a hopeful article that reaches out to potential right-wing allies and proposes a solution — an article with a positive vision for change. Well, at least it’s as positive as one can be in an article that recommends interning large groups of Americans. I see a potential alliance and compatibility between occidental traditionalists and libertarians. Maybe this is a bridge too far, but it’s really the only way forward for the right.

Creativity, innovation, free actors, decentralization, free markets — it’s all great stuff. This point is granted; spontaneous order is the best. But not always. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances.

Drastic measures are required. We’re too far gone now. A small elite always rules over the herd, and this elite has the power to mold public opinion. We must become the elite, by any means necessary. Martial law is probably required, and that means the imposition of a fascist leader’s arbitrary will.

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Hey Bro, Socially Constructed Reality is Freakin’ Awesome

social_construct_mugA persistent meme that floats around in radical left-wing, anarchist, communist and libertarian intellectual circles is the idea that there is something inherently bad and wrong with “socially constructed” reality. The reality we live in — so the argument goes — is built on a series of socially constructed norms that are not only not necessary for human society, but are downright destructive. The enlightened thinkers that focus on this gravest of social issues have of course escaped this oppressive matrix and are prepared to tell us what a true, natural, healthy and fulfilling human lifestyle would really look like. If only “everyone would wake up” or X oppressive group (government, capitalists, white people, conservative talk radio hosts etc.) would just disappear from the scene entirely.

To a more careful and discerning thinker the most baffling aspect of this trend is that the social constructs that come under assault are not actually subjected to rational scrutiny based on merit, social utility or any other criteria. They are recklessly attacked simply for the fact of being accepted and perpetuated by mainstream society. The a-priori assumption is that social constructs are bad just because. No other reason is given or needed. Often just crying “social construct” when discussing a particular social phenomenon is enough to disqualify it as invalid in the minds of these self-annointed would-be philosopher queens.

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Warrior Phobia

hectorThe events of recent shootings have occasioned a great renewal of public debate over “violence” in our culture. According to the popular narrative of the media and Bleeding Heart Liberals (an apt description if there ever was one), American society suffers from a sick fascination with guns and violent entertainment. Gun magazines, Grand Theft Auto, action movies, these are all a “disease” in America which must be “cured” to prevent more innocent death. With no sense of irony whatsoever, these shrill harpies screech with unabashed seriousness that we must do something, and that it’s for the children. You might ask them why they don’t seem overly concerned about other people’s children killed by Hellfire missiles launched at the behest of a smooth talking African American gentleman, but expect to get accused of changing the subject or “making a false comparison” if you bring this before their crude senses.

The reality of the liberal’s true sentiments is most accurately hidden within the items they find most terrifying and repulsive. They speak of “military style assault weapons,” and from this very phrase you can learn more about their psychology and ethos than you could from months spent watching The View. They are simply horrified of anything associated with war, and especially things warriors might want to own or entertain themselves with. War movies, warlike toys, war in video games, and most certainly any firearm which has the “style” of a military weapon, even if doesn’t have the function. The very first Assault Weapons Ban was living proof of this, with items like bayonets prohibited from guns, since the idea of having a weapon which looks “too warlike” inspires a “liberal” flow of urine down Democrat trouser legs.

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MGTOW: Ancapistan For Your Penis


Feminism and Western Civilization. What do?

The manosphere, a “reactionary” (lol) blogging counterculture that emerged against feminism, is a perfect example of a present day market failure. All of the free association afforded by the internet, and the demand for an anti-feminist culture produces blogs about picking up skanks and/or celebrating being a sullen asshole. The former is at least entertaining and educational, the latter is poison.

In the sullen asshole category is the Men Going Their Own Way movement. Here are bloggers dedicated to moralizing their fearful hatred of the Western vagina.

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Reactionary Film Study: American Beauty

Mediocrity as Spirituality.

“Life is a well of delight, but where the rabble also drink, there all fountains are poisoned.” — Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Western civilization is ten or so generations of rabble defiling the works of their betters in the name of “progress.” Nowhere is this cultural degradation more profoundly experienced and tastelessly displayed than the film industry.

The clip above comes from the 1999 movie “American Beauty,” in my opinion one of the more repulsive and poisoned works of our Present Age.

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