William F. Buckley was a Leftist

William F. BuckleyI would like to preface this by conceding the fact that Buckley was further to the right than most Americans. But that doesn’t cut the mustard with the Right Stuff crew. His support for Pinochet and Franco was right-wing and his appreciation of the finer points from Burke and Kirk was commendable. Compared to the average media commentator there were many redeeming qualities in Buckley, but the way he treated paleocons and other radical rightists was unforgivable.

While Buckley was a remarkable intellectual in the midst of an intellectually bankrupt society, even he couldn’t escape from the leftist matrix; he was a half-assed reactionary at best. History has been a grand march leftward and Buckley, like most all of us, couldn’t help but be sucked into the vortex of leftist degeneracy. He was lured by the siren’s call of Democracy, Liberalism, market egalitarianism, enlightenment thinking, altruism, etc… the sub-ideologies that compose what we here at TRS describe as “leftism.”

Like so many intrepid souls before him, Buckley was unwittingly suckered into embracing ideologies hostile to (civilized) life. The man and his magazine were peddling poison from the enlightenment era, but who could blame him after all… it is our inescapable zeitgeist. From the great Lothrop Stoddard:

“The dead hand of false doctrines and fallacious hopes, lies, indeed, heavy upon us. Laws, institutions, customs, ideas and ideals are all stamped deep with its imprint. Our very minds and souls are imbued with delusions like ‘environmentalism’ and ‘natural equality’ from whose emotional grasp it is hard to escape. Mighty as the new truth is, our eyes are yet blinded to its full meaning, our hearts shrink instinctively from its wider implications, and our feet falter on the path to HIGHER destinies.”

The reason that Buckley is a leftist is the reason that most of us are leftists. To associate with polite company in modern America is to be (or at least feign being) a leftist of some sort. Try reading one of our articles out loud in your college classroom and see what happens (hint: expulsion). Buckley was a rightward leaning leftist, but a leftist nonetheless. The center-right of today was the center-left of a generation ago and the far right of today would have been considered moderates half a century ago. Bill Buckley would be seen as a radical left-winger compared to the average 19th century American, someone like John C. Calhoun would have eaten him alive.

To be the RIGHT STUFF one must be a transcendent reactionary. A monarchist, an elitist, and a realist when assessing the human condition; highly dubious of populist movements like Liberalism, Communism, Democracy as well as an ardent opponent of the egalitarian universalist utopian ethos so pervasive in the western world today.

Let’s examine the leftist positions of Buckley.

1. Practicing Roman Catholic
Buckley was Catholic, a devotee of the religion of pity wherein the weak are elevated over the strong. Although it is one of the more preferable forms of Christianity, with its explicit support of hierarchy and traditional values, it still promotes a dysgenic normative system. A twisted inversion of cats chasing dogs and wolves being devoured by sheep. Striving for Christian equality is a costly revolt against nature, for when we pursue equality we inadvertently embrace bloodshed and chaos. That is not the way order is maintained.

This is not to say that all religion should be shunned, Jonathan Bowden’s paganism would be more conducive to an elitist right wing society. Christianity is a leftist religion, largely due to the fact that Jesus was a Jewish Utopian Communist. A related sin of Buckley’s, which is commonplace among Christian conservatives, were his attempts to ostracize and silence those that openly criticized Jews.

2. Member of Liberal Elite Class
With over a thousand episodes of “Firing Line” Buckley was a de facto member of the mainstream media. He endorsed Joseph Lieberman, one of the most prominent defenders of the status quo. In the seventies Buckley served as a delegate to the United Nations. To be a power broker of this magnitude in a world gone left implies something.

In his biographical article “The Politics of William Buckley: Conservative Ideologue as Liberal Celebrity” Joseph Epstein argued that liberals deeply respected Buckley and often wanted to debate him. This was probably because he didn’t fundamentally challenge their narrative. Buckley typically couched his arguments in a liberal fashion, merely pointing out that the policies espoused by the far left never delivered the intended consequences. Rarely did he directly challenge their desired outcomes (equality, liberty, fraternity) although he did mock their contradictions. Onlookers could walk away thinking that the leftist in the debate was only somewhat wrong, instead of entirely mistaken. Buckley was a Classical Liberal or Burkean conservative. Both are forms of old leftism. Edmund Burke was a supporter of the American Revolution. Classical Liberals denigrated the Monarchy. New leftism can’t be fought with old leftism; the antidote is to be a hardcore traditionalist.

3. Revolutionary War
Buckley was a quintessential American, and America is simply a leftist experiment writ large. A red pill eating reactionary realizes that the American Revolution was a rebellion that should have been put down for the good of the Western world. The failure of the British to do so marks the decline of the great empire. The Declaration of Independence is nonsensical and was thoroughly rebutted by Thomas Hutchinson’s “Strictures upon the Declaration of Independence”. The taxes imposed by the King were more than reasonable, and his hands off attitude towards the colonies left little to be desired. The revolution was fought against a rather benevolent monarchy for the phantasms of equality, Liberalism, and Democracy.

4. Civil Rights Act, Human Neurological Uniformity, and Slavery
Buckley is famous for opposing civil rights legislation and then later backtracking when public opinion was entirely opposed to his previous position. Eventually Buckley became an outright supporter of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and his national holiday. A philosophy of fashion, influenced by democratic tastes, how left-wing of him. If he lived long enough, say to 2030, he would support gay marriage… because that’s where the crowd will reside.

He claimed that the white South had “the right to impose superior mores for whatever period it takes to affect a genuine cultural equality between the races.” The implication here is that culture is the deciding difference between whites and blacks. If only the degeneracy peddlers like LiL’ Wayne and his ilk were removed from the scene, then blacks would be reformed. The imminent success of the swarthy races is just a cultural revolution away. This is naivete.

When considering all of this, as well as his purges against Neo-Confederates, it goes without saying that Buckley was opposed to the institution of slavery. However, reactionaries worth their salt understand that attempts at mass manumission result in disaster. Man’s natural state is slavery; we are unhappy because we are too “free.”

5. Support for Allies in WW2
National Review is considered the “flagship publication of post-World War II conservatism,” and World War 2 was a war fought for, and won by, leftism. Post World War II conservatism is like post-orgy-virginity, it makes no sense. The cherry has been popped. World War II demolished all significant anti-Democratic sentiment in the west. It was a clear victory for Communism. For William F. Buckley to support American involvement in World War II (with its corresponding support for the USSR) and to label himself a conservative anti-communist… is an insane contradiction.

Some will ask that since practically everyone is now a leftist of some sort, how is this condemnation noteworthy? It is more than instructive; it allows us to take a glimpse at the reality of western politics, a continuous lurching leftward. This criticism of Buckley and other so called “conservatives” is necessary to accurately characterize our political state of affairs in a historical context. It is worth pointing out that the Western world has shifted left, especially since fallacious stories about conservative revolutions and the looming threat of fascism are constantly thrown about. There was no right wing revolution; the drift leftward has been all encompassing and dominating. Those that see fascists around every corner are delusional paranoids. We are all pinko secular humanist now. This becomes clear when you realize that so-called conservative icons are actually leftists themselves. Get the fuck out of here with your Rush Limbaughs, Glenn Becks, Sean Hannitys, Bill O’Reillys, and William F. Buckleys. The Right Stuff stands nearly alone.

  • http://www.cbrons.com CB

    I actually talked about this on my show recently… I think it was one of the last things I said in the Wednesday, December 12, 2012 episode. I was referencing what Murray Rothbard said in his book “Betrayal of the American RIght.” Anyway if you’re interested, the podcast and youtube links are up on my website. I want to say it was in the last 5-10 minutes of the 12/12/12 episode. Judging by your writing, you probably wouldn’t agree with me on some things, but nonetheless an interesting post.

    • Darth Stirner

      What’s your show?

  • Alphonso

    “Christianity is a leftist religion, largely due to the fact that Jesus was a Jewish Utopian Communist. ”

    That’s so completely wrong that it isn’t even laughable.

    • Darth Stirner

      But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the maimed, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. You will be repaid at the resurrection of the just. [Luke 14:13 &14.]

      If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. [Matthew 19:21]

      You cannot serve both God and Money. [Matthew 6:24.]

      • Edward

        You forgot “love of money is the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy 6:10) Has not the materialist, white-bread, suburbanite culture destroyed the descendants of courageous knights and sturdy peasants? We have been corrupted by our own success.

        Humility is the only means of attaining true wisdom. Remember the proud: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22)

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  • IA

    You have a poor understanding of Christianity. Jesus was asked why some were born with much and others with so little. He responded with the parable of seeds cast on fertile soil, rocks, and a mixture of these. In other words, life is not fair.

    • Darth Stirner

      “He responded with the parable of seeds cast on fertile soil, rocks, and a mixture of these. ”

      Yea, apparently Jesus was also a blank slatist anti-hereditarian. A man who spurned Humanities Biological Diversity. Sounds pretty leftist to me.
      Have you ever heard of a BAD SEED? Environment/culture isn’t everything, some people’s genetics just suck. You can take the African out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the NEGRO.

      • lights

        Looks to me like shitty genes could be a stand-in for “rocky soil.”

        That being said, Christianity as it is practiced today is pathetic. In a repeat of 732 AD Poitiers, today’s sissy Churchianity would welcome the bloodthirsty invader, if not turn tail and run. Now, Charles Martel, on the other hand, represented the kind of Christianity we could use. He stopped the Islamic incursion into Europe. Pagans may have legitimate problems with Christianity, but living under the Caliphate would have been far more hazardous to the Pagan tradition and the European essence.

        I’d suggest reading Acts 17:26 King James Version, as subsequent translations have removed “the bad stuff.”

        • Darth Stirner

          Will do. Also I’ll read more about Martel. Obviously Christianity itself has also been drifting leftward. I still think it’s leftist at it’s core, but yea… It’s gotten worse.

          Acts 17:26

          King James Version (KJV)

          26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

  • David

    “The reason that Buckley is a leftist is the reason that most of us are leftists. To associate with polite company in modern America is to be (or at least feign being) a leftist of some sort. Try reading one of our articles out loud in your college classroom and see what happens (hint: expulsion).”

    That’s why I left college and am seeking to leave America.

  • Alan Delone

    Expulsion from the class would probably be because all the articles on here are (bat)shit.

  • http://gravatar.com/eecasal Anon Coward

    “Christianity is a leftist religion, largely due to the fact that Jesus was a Jewish Utopian Communist.” What a thoroughly retarded thing to state.

    • Bowtie and Fedora

      Sounds spot on to me.

  • Cook-Cook

    Who wrote this? Darth… Stirner…
    And your biggest criticism is that he was not a Pagan, and chose to associate with the people of the nation he was born to.
    You’d rather he be an expatriate traitor like Ezra Pound? Hell, Wyndham Lewis would be a freaking leftist for these reasons.
    Were you really so fucking bored that you had to redefine the definition of what a Leftist is just for the troll points?
    Judging be my how many posts you have on here I’m guessing the Sith called you back to the mothership.