The Contradiction of Transhumanism

While atheism has clearly failed to provide a new source for human value and inspiration, there still seemed to be one gleaming light on the horizon. The promise of transhumanism held within it the pure apotheosis of Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of the Overman. Long before the idea of self directed evolution ever existed Nietzsche articulated that mankind was something to be surpassed; that creators of new values must blaze forward bravely, and burn down the old complacency. Human superiority could transcend self mastery and become flesh and blood reality through the science of genetic engineering and cybernetic enhancement. While Nietzsche’s prescience warned of nihilism’s deleterious effects on mankind, he did not clearly anticipate it might extend into efforts to transcend mankind.

One would imagine individuals interested in the idea of directing the evolution of the species would be daring, bold, and aggressive creatures who understand that evolution rewards those with the greatest capacity for violence with the highest seat on the podium. Mankind is unquestionably on the sharpest leading edge of evolution on this planet, and is simultaneously the one animal with the single highest ability for destruction. In practice, one of the first humans to take this idea seriously was reviled for being a violent fascist of unimaginable proportions. To even associate this leader’s name with an idea was to condemn it. So terrible were his deeds that humans still obsessed with their superstitious notions of objective moral order quickly suppressed any further experiments in this direction. Careful students will realize this is why transhumanity is the domain of the post moral human.

Since transhumanism is explicitly about creating a “superior human,” it is inherently hostile to traditional moral standards. There is no debate on this; there is no room whatsoever for compromise. Either you support the creation of a “new race” or your ideas are by definition too weak and inferior to be associated with transhumanity itself. Which as an idea owes its very existence to an extremely controversial and earth shattering line of thought. Transhumanism is rightly considered to be a “dangerous” philosophy because it is indeed hostile to the existing human race, just as humans were extremely dangerous to the protohuman ancestors they evolved from. It also underlines the serious existential problem of modern humanity: A rational fear that a new superior form of human will evolve and usher the existing humans into extinction. Fearing transhumanism is simply realizing someone is actively trying to speed the demise of your own species.

Naturally, realizing you are in fact contributing to the very destruction of your own group can be a very dangerous cognitive dissonance, and it should come as no surprise the first person to advocate this went insane. We could further consider that propagating the meme of even possible self negation for the sake further advancement would be one of the most significant ideas to ever appear in a sentient mind, and would lead to literally never ending rapid evolution. We cannot underline the significance of this engineered obsolesce of the former man enough, and make no mistake, baseline humanity would cease to prosper under the advent of transhumanity.

So how has the modern transhuman movement dealt with a philosophical premise as dangerous to others as it is to the user? Just as atheism has retreated away from critical debate, contented itself with mindless self masturbation, and bashing of religious strawmen; so too has transhumanity consumed itself with trivial enterprises and mindless amusements.

Transhumanity, the idea of intentional superiority, has become flooded with unthinking rabble that have no clear ideology beyond silly “upgrades” appealing either to immortality for its own sake, or to the most inane sort of diversions imaginable. Some of them fawn on the idea of being able to make species roles a matter of choice (obviously a wet dream for the furry community). A “transhuman relationship therapist” is sizing up the idea of treating clients whose family take issue with their modifications, and the idea of the singularity is proposed by many as a sort of “Second Coming of Christ” in which all sentient life forms will enjoy permanent happiness together. If that’s not enough, there’s even talk of a more inclusive “H+ Church” in case the movement wasn’t saddled with enough “baseline human” carry on baggage already (Mormons have even gotten involved, for God’s sake). Let’s not forget about the sex-bots, no mention of transhumanism would be complete without that sexually repressed beta male nonsense. So basically these visionaries would like to “improve” humanity by, well, importing all of current human culture and letting every facile empty desire get sated by transhuman technology.

Most hilariously, some transhumanists are whining about ELITISM in their movement. That’s right, a group predicated on the idea of superiority thinks, well, that some transhumanists are too elitist. The level of political correctness in a transformative movement that looks with disdain on the “stock condition” human is enough to make anyone cringe.

Transhumans need to seriously consider the ramifications of their position: This is not a movement for watered down appeals to liberalism and inclusiveness. Do you want to pull out the scalpels and start slicing off the rotten parts of the human tree in order to graft on stronger branches? Or are you trying to treat every human weed like a special flower?